He Will Pry Your Guns From Your Cold Dead Hands

by Rick Olson

“We will pry your gun from your cold, dead, fingers. That is because I am willing to wait until you die, hopefully of natural causes. Guns, except for the three approved categories, cannot be inherited. When you die your weapons must be turned into the local police department, which will then destroy them.”—LTC Robert L. Bateman (USA retired)

Update to this article: 12/8/13

I received an email of clarification from one of our readers. Ray writes,

The author of the Esquire article (Bateman On Guns – It’s Time We Talk About Guns – Esquire) is Lt Col Robert L. Bateman of the US Army (active duty). The Bateman you identify is Lt Col Robert J. Bateman who served in the NY Army National Guard and is now retired. Lt Col Robert L. Bateman taught at West Point. Lt Col Robert J. Bateman did not. 
I’ve seen this mistake in several articles referencing the offensive Esquire article. I’m certain Bob Bateman (Robert L. Bateman) is getting a lot of hate mail that is unwarranted.  I’m hopeful that you’ll correct your article after looking into this.
I am thankful for our Grok readers who can make these distinctions. Distinctions like this are important.

Bateman On Guns – It’s Time We Talk About Guns – Esquire

 Retired from the Army, Bateman is president and founder of Alliance Defense Marketing Associates LLC, a “global premier risk management” firm that does work for the DHS.

Bateman writes in Esquire, 

My entire adult life has been dedicated to the deliberate management of violence. There are no two ways around that fact. My job, at the end of the day, is about killing. I orchestrate violence.

This is how Bateman prefaces his, “in-your-face-styled,” lunatic rant to take guns away from the American populace.

Bateman continues on in Esquire co-opting the liberal revisionist history template getting his facts totally wrong, excoriating the Supreme Court, and the American Educational system. This self-styled neo-iconoclast, burns the constitution, trashes hallowed institutions, and demagogues American citizens.

In mischaracterizing the Supreme Court Bateman states,

Five of the nine members of the Supreme Court agreed that the part in the Second Amendment which talks about “A Well Regulated Militia, Being Necessary To The Security Of A Free State…” did not matter. In other words, they flunked basic high school history.

He continues his insane diatribe by accusing Justice Scalia of egregious attempts to rewrite America history, accusing Scalia of ignoring the “well-regulated Milita” clause of the Second Amendment. 

Bateman then confabulates the interpretation of the Militia Act of 1903, misleading readers by suggesting that is what the constitution eluded to when written.  In reality, the Militia Act of 1903 (also known as the Dick Act)  was legislation which codified circumstances under which the National Guard could be federalized should the need arise.

The Dick Act (Named for Ohio Congressman Charles Dick) provided the federal funds to pay for equipment and training, including annual summer encampments. In return, the Guard organized its units along the same lines as the regular Army, and took steps to meet the same training, education and readiness requirements as active duty units.

Bateman uses the statistics and figures in the UK/US gun crime as justification for his rant. But, as I read the article, it has occurred to me that over the last year and a half, I personally, as well as other bloggers around this nation, have written extensively on each and every one of these very principles. I do not eschew any of Bateman’s stupid claims…There is no need to, I had already done so long before he sat down to write this sad pathetic excuse of an article…on every single point.

With all the facts contrast and comparison aside, I encourage readers to read his original article. Its tone is crass, violent, rude, hateful and divisive.  This is a private contractor the government utilizes for some of the DHS programs.

We must take note of such people because these “private contractors” are who the government is empowering and now is the time to thin the herd where government contractors are concerned. People like Bateman are not just anti-gun, they are a far worse lot.  They are unabashedly anti-constitution, anti-American and citizen. This is a bad guy…a demon.

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  • allen

    LTC bateman was a cop in Hampton,NH for 9 years. I’m trying to find out if he was a seasonal cop or full time.

    apparently from his other writings, he is such a big fan of the first civil war he’d just be thrilled if we had another one. what he fails to grasp that american gun owners outnumber him and every other federal, state, and local trigger puller 96 to 1.

    the fact that we haven’t started shooting yet is simply a testament both to our vast patience, and our distaste for war (many of us having been there and seen it up close). but…give us no option..paint us into a corner…this will be bad for everyone. anyone who would want this has to be insane. yet..progressives seem to do everything to provoke it.

  • Radical Moderate

    What he is doing is buttering his bread. Who knows if this is what his true feelings are. This is how it works; He knows that he can get noticed by the Globalists and their henchmen at the national level if he sings this song (especially with what’s going on in NY right now re; guns) This guy is dreaming if thinks the big boys would tap an old man like this for that type of job if they decided to pull the switch. He may have a few contracts but its only because he has veteran owned company and the govt. has to spread these type of contracts out or people will start screaming that Halliburton and KBR have everything and the small guys have nothing.
    Here is an article Bateman wrote in Small Wars Journal, this will give you an indication of his temperament; http://smallwarsjournal.com/blog/what-i-fight-for

    Here is one of the things he lists on his LinkedIn page;
    “Deputy Grand Prior, Region 1, SMOTJ-Knights Templar”.

    This is off his company’s website;
    “Our companies fundamental beliefs are based on the Celtic knot, which according to Celtic tradition represents protection against evil.”; http://www.admallc.com/About_Us.html

    Are we starting to get the picture?

    It’s guys like this are closely monitored. Why? Because its these type of guys that have the highest odds of trying to pull a real life Gen.Jack Ripper; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PSofqNSuVy8

    What is true though is that he has made a conscious decision and cast his lot for all to see, and that is what’s important.

    • Radical Moderate

      It’s possible the Small Wars Journal cited may be a different LTC Bob Bateman, so disregard it to be safe. Thanks.

  • Ed Naile

    Bateman swore an oath to uphold the US Constitution as a military man but seems to not have a grip on the Second Amendment.
    What a silly man.

  • Paul F.

    Like guns turned into a police dept would EVER be destroyed! They go right into someones ‘personal collection’. We ain’t stupid, and we have officers who inform us!

  • Richard C Peeples Jr

    TRAITOR TO THE OATH. TREASON is punishable by DEATH!!! HANG HIM HIGH! He should become strange fruit a hangin’ from the tree of liberty.

  • Michael

    I have more respect for the people that epouse true anti-gun viewpoints (NOBODY has guns – no LE, no MIL, no private citizens). A total pipe dream sure, but at least it’s consistent. Don’t agree with it, but at least it flows logically. The sad fact is that guns in the hands of MIL and GOV have technically killed more people than those in private hands. The 20th century alone, nearly 200 million, MILLION, people were killed by their governments (Nazi Germany, Stalinist Russia, Maoist China, Cambodia, Vietnam, Rwanda, etc.) So where’s the problem exactly?

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