Peter Sullivan Must be Having His Period [Updated]

by Steve MacDonald

midolKudos to NH Journal for grabbing some tweets from the ever-unstable NH Democrat House Rep Peter Sullivan.

The moment Marilinda Garcia announced her candidacy must have been timed perfectly with his PMS meds running out. Why else would a rank member of the party of civility, a defender of the Democrat division of people by race, sex, and everything else, and a progressive on the front line in the left’s made-up war on women, tweet out a series of attacks on a woman with the last name of Garcia?

Wait.  Maybe he’s just a raging tin-foil-hat hypocrite?

Sullivan infers that Garcia is a right wing extremist, stupid, shallow, and a fluffy trophy brunette for the GOP, comparing her to Bill O’Brien + Kim Kardashian—he later apologizes to Kim.

He also calls her Al Baldasaro in stilettos.

Has anyone else noticed this?  Peter is a bit obsessed with Al. He had things to say about Al’s wedding photos; there were remarks about the women in Al’s wedding photos.  Maybe he was jealous? Maybe he just wants Al for himself? In stilettos.

Not to worry. Judy (Al’s wife) could kick Sullivan’s pansy ass any day of the week and twice on Sunday. “You wouldn’t hit a cry-baby-Democrat with glasses would you?”

I know Marilinda. She’s not stupid, fluffy, or shallow (though she does wear high heels from time to time, which means what exactly?) And I don’t recall her being a crass, unhinged, whiny dip-wad like Sullivan so often is. God, he’s such a bitch sometimes.

Anyway, since life is too short to waste it following the rantings of two-faced hypocrites like Peter Sullivan,  I only happen upon these ‘droppings’ when others point at them like road accidents and say- “Holy crap! Look at that friggin mess!”  an exclamation that covers most if not all of the so-called ‘men’ in the New Hampshire Democrat party.

But I do appreciate it when rank Democrats open up the floor for insults and outrage, and Sullivan is like a cheap wind-up toy that just keeps coming back around to amuse us some more.

Thanks to NH Journal for the rubber-necker, by the way.  Keep up the good work.   (You can see the tweets there.)


Update: Katie Pavlich and Twitchy are all over Sullivan’s Tweets

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