Democrats Make Everything Political – Even Rep Al Baldasaro’s Wedding Photo’s

by Steve MacDonald

Eileen Spratt Ehlers rageFile this under New Hampshire Democrats Bringing Civility back to whatever.  NH House Rep Al Baldasaro got married and posted some pictures on Facebook.  New Hampshire Liberals Peter Sullivan, Tess Smith, and Eileen Spratt Ehler (those were the only ones I could see in the screen grab), couldn’t contain their hate and derision of Republicans because there were members of the wedding party holding guns in some of the photo’s.

Talk about living rent free in Peter Sullivan’s head.  It really is that easy.

He grabbed the pics so he and his liberal pack of hounds could demonstrate what intolerant moon bats they are.  These people are so lacking in even basic decorum that they can’t contain themselves from being progressive ass-hats all over someone else’s wedding photos.

And to be honest, I wouldn’t have cared all that much except for this; Eileen Spratt Ehlers wants to know ‘”Why she is dressed up like a 20-year old virgin bride?”  Pictures with guns?  Yeah, that might invite provocation from your average ignorant, intolerant, unhinged, talking-points-IQ-New Hampshire Democrat, but I think Ehlers comment is the most telling.

It certainly isn’t civil, but then New Hampshire Democrats are anything but civil and the new threshold for incivility, for those keeping score, is now wedding photos.

Exit question to Eileen: Are you really that obnoxious or were you just jealous?

And hey, if you are going to be onoxious why not just say what you mean?





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  • Radical Moderate

    Obnoxious? Jealous?
    I think it’s neither. I believe that it is reflective of their true nature. Ugly and twisted.
    These are the types of individuals that have a deep-seated psychological need to lash out at anything that is traditionally American.
    My guess is that when our country faces the inevitable economic meltdown these type of individuals will not be able to adjust to an existence devoid of any type of immediate government intervention or bureaucratic system.
    They will quickly realize that no one is there for them. No one.
    They will inevitably break down mentally when they finally grasp that their type of behavior and attitudes toward ‘traditionalists’ are not desired in a community oriented survival situation.
    They will be utterly alone.

    • Ed Naile

      Liberalism is a mental disorder and hate and contempt are symptoms.
      Takes a while to accept that it is true, but after you have seen it over and over…

    • Don

      They will continue to blame Republicans and no amount of evidence to the contrary will convince them otherwise.

  • nhcitizen

    thanks for keeping them honest. I hope UL and MSM pick up on this.

  • Leon H Rideout

    All this from the Party that demands Civility and always accuses Republicans of these Attacks. This is more proof of there true weakness. They have no Ideas can not argue a position on Merits so Attack Personally.

  • Deirdre Hebert

    And the comments below are civil and disciplined?
    It’s like saying “I don’t like those jerks calling us jerks”. If you want civility, express some yourself. Just whining about what asses the other side is, is simply the pot calling the kettle black.
    And if you’re upset about liberals politicizing the wedding, what on Earth do you think Al was doing with his own wedding photos? He’s a political figure, making a political statement on his wedding day. This isn’t Democrats making something political out of something that wasn’t – it’s people commenting on an inherently political statement.

    • Radical Moderate

      Respectfully, your post is a perfect example of the hypocrisy inherent in the progressive party.
      The act of a politician publicizing his or her wedding is not the issue. The issue is the comments made by the so called party of tolerance. Take this scenario for instance; let’s say a politically active NH progressive gay couple gets married and publicizes it in the media. The local NH Republicans publicly ridicule the couple utilizing actual photos. While not against the law, it certainly is runs afoul of any civilized discourse. But yet you have the audacity to call us to task for pointing it out. Shame on you Deidre.
      There would be hell to pay if the Republicans did what these infantile libs did and you are certainly old enough to know it.
      All we are doing is pointing out the hypocrisy in the situation. It has nothing to do with the pot calling the kettle black. Your reaching for something that’s not there, and all it’s doing is making you look naïve.

    • nhsteve

      The litmus for outrage Deirdre is set by the politically correct word police on the left. Were anyone to make similar remarks about any Democrat affair, even to comment about the way a Democrat woman (or any non-Republican woman) dresses or her weight, or if you find her attractive, or unattractive, is a sin against the PC objectification, racist, sexist, somthing-ist police and you and anyone who even looks or has been accused of thinking like you is damned to cultural purgatory until you all bow, scrape, and publicaly apologize.

      That is the playing field. The chess board set by the left. And since their rules are Alinsky rules, I feel obligated to make them play by their rules.

      Eileen Spratt Ehlers crossed that line. She is now deserving of all the outrage, real or imagined, that would be heaped upon a Republican in similar circumstances. I expect she will get off light.

      But thanks for the reminder becasue I now find it incumbent upon myself to hold every Democrat in the state to task for failing to condemn her remarks and apologize for them.

  • Al Baldasaro

    I wish I can take the credit for the idea of the shotguns at our wedding and posting them but I can’t. My wife and John Burt deserve the credit. For the past month Judy, John and others were joking back and forth about me hiding in my boat or slipping out the back yard over my bridge, so John was going to arm the bridesmaids. (LOL) The Liberals attacking my wife is uncalled for. They have an issue with me, than they should attack me and I will personally tell them to their face to kiss my ASS. This is not about all Democrats because I had Democrat State Representative friends at my wedding. When you go after the family, than we have problems and I will not let that go.



    • nhsteve

      I was looking for a way to make a shotgun wedding joke but I couldn’t swing it. And I can’t image why you would not want to Marry Judy so that kind of killed the whole idea.

      And no it is not ‘all’ Democrats, but unfortunately they have either failed to rebuke such nonsense, failed to challenge that hypocrisy on their side, or simply tolerated it from the party culture, so I have to include all Democrats; then there is that thing where the NHDP demands every Republican denounce this or that. Their rules, I just try to make them live by them.

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  • Daniel Tamburello

    This commentary from these high profile NH Democrats, epitomize the worst of their party. Attacking Al’s wife Judy, who is one of the kindest, gentlest and most loving human beings anyone has ever met is truly the lowest of the low. Has former Rep Ehlers (D-Hooksett) ever even met Judy? How would she even presume to know what the circumstances were about the Baldasaro wedding? And even if she did, aren’t Democrats supposedly all about independence for women? Judy made a choice to marry the man she loved because she is a strong independent woman. Isn’t that EXACTLY what these liberal Democrats always claim they are for? These half-wits know nothing. Yet again the things Democrats claim to advocate only apply to those who think the way they do, anyone else be damned. More lies, propaganda, hypocrisy and personal attacks from these gutter-snipes masquerading as learned people. I wish I could say I was surprised.

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  • Stuart Habermehl

    Millie: [Annie is fitting Millie in her wedding dress] Annie… do you think I deserve to wear white?
    Annie Savoy: Honey, we all deserve to wear white.

    — Bull Durham

  • John Williams

    Sad–but what else do they have? I haven’t heard anything but personal attacks from Democrats for the last 6 years. No hint of any honest debate about anything–just “Take what we propose or be labeled a racist, homophobe, teabagger, neanderthal, knuckle-dragger, etc., etc.” Pathetic.

  • rwpjr84

    This is a brilliant article title. “Democrats Make Everything Political”. Not “People Make Everything Political”. No, it’s the democrats fault! Absolutely brilliant.

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