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Democrats Make Everything Political – Even Rep Al Baldasaro’s Wedding Photo’s

Eileen Spratt Ehlers rageFile this under New Hampshire Democrats Bringing Civility back to whatever.  NH House Rep Al Baldasaro got married and posted some pictures on Facebook.  New Hampshire Liberals Peter Sullivan, Tess Smith, and Eileen Spratt Ehler (those were the only ones I could see in the screen grab), couldn’t contain their hate and derision of Republicans because there were members of the wedding party holding guns in some of the photo’s.

Talk about living rent free in Peter Sullivan’s head.  It really is that easy.

He grabbed the pics so he and his liberal pack of hounds could demonstrate what intolerant moon bats they are.  These people are so lacking in even basic decorum that they can’t contain themselves from being progressive ass-hats all over someone else’s wedding photos.

And to be honest, I wouldn’t have cared all that much except for this; Eileen Spratt Ehlers wants to know ‘”Why she is dressed up like a 20-year old virgin bride?”  Pictures with guns?  Yeah, that might invite provocation from your average ignorant, intolerant, unhinged, talking-points-IQ-New Hampshire Democrat, but I think Ehlers comment is the most telling.

It certainly isn’t civil, but then New Hampshire Democrats are anything but civil and the new threshold for incivility, for those keeping score, is now wedding photos.

Exit question to Eileen: Are you really that obnoxious or were you just jealous?

And hey, if you are going to be onoxious why not just say what you mean?