Another "Victim" for "No More Names" - Granite Grok

Another “Victim” for “No More Names”

“In all matters of opinion, our adversaries are insane.”  —Oscar Wilde

Sammie Lamont Wallace
Nutter Sammie Lamont Wallace

In Mid West City Oklahoma, 37-year-old nutter Sammie Lamont Wallace entered a Wal Mart on June 17 and for no apparent reason took a tw0-year-old child right out of a shopping cart and held a knife to her throat all the while ranted  that the FBI and the Illuminati were after him.

He ranted on, claiming that George Bush was monitoring him and that he was the richest man on Earth, counting backwards from sixty. When he moved the knife from the girls body to her throat, Capt. David Huff  gave him a new wind tunnel where his head used to be.

Sammie Lamont Wallace was obviously an unmanaged nutter who was dangerous. He used a knife, not a gun. because he used a knife and threatened death, he was shot by a police officer.  Which liberal will play Monday Morning Quarterback and second guess the Police Captain’s actions? (I so dare you).  Perhaps Mary Beth Walz will take notice.