Belknap County (NH) Democrat House Rep Ruth Gulick – what did she compare the employees to?

by Skip

I didn’t go to any of the Belknap County budget meetings this year – except for this last one.  I almost didn’t go to this one – a West Coast customer called so I didn’t even get out of the house until a half hour after the meeting started.  But you know, I remembered one thing:  You’re never too late to listen to Stupidity!  And while I was recording the event, I was not dismayed, for I heard something that made that sentence come true.  NH State Rep. Ruth Gulick was rather annoyed that the Convention (all the other House Reps from Belknap County) that the County employees have to dig into their wallets a bit deeper this year for the “fringe” (but not in-expensive) benefits:

Yeah, ya gotta love that analogy she makes between her children and ranking her performance as a mother (“I am a superb parent because I give them an allowance and I pay for their food and clothes”) to County employees.  How politically incorrect is that – children are utterly dependent on their parents; that’s normal.  What’s not normal is to treat grown adults as if they are dependent on Government like mere children…

Oh wait!  I guess you can summarize this as “whose your Government Mamma?”; gotta gold star?

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