Increase NH Gas Tax For Fish & Game….?

by Steve MacDonald

Another busy morning, no time to blog yet…but I did manage to create this.

Grumpy cat NH gas tax no

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  • Rick_GraniteGrok

    That assertion by the Nashua Democrat is a bald-faced lie…F&G receives no general fund money…not even rooms and meals tax revenue despite how much their activities generate. F&G revenues come from license sales, Pittman-Robertson Grant Money, and some other revenues directly attributed to F&G activities.


      But they SHOULD! We should fund our hard-working F&G agency better!

      • C. dog e. doG

        Separate issue, Flute-boy. Gas tax is for Needed road expenditures; it’s a use tax, not fat goose to be slaughtered by this and that agency of Nanny’s velvet-gloved fist. Seems to me the obvious use-tax for Fish and Game would be hunting, fishing, and boating licenses and registrations.
        – C. dog

        • IWKAGGP

          But what of the “non-consumptive wildlife users?” Those birdy-watchers, hikers, bikers, kayakers, canoists, etc, etc. They’ve been getting a free ride for too long. Us “hook and bullet” folks have been paying the WHOLE pie and the other, more “green” folks have been getting something for nothing. The only thing that is in the least bit an example of the “non-consumptive” folks’ paying their share is the license plates that benefit the non-game wildlife fund.

          I say it’s time for the “greenies” to pay their share. Only problem is, if we make them pay . . . they’re gonna demand more of a voice in the way F&G runs the show. And that means Sue Fournier, Babs, et al will come for our hunting, fishing and trapping heritage.

          My, it is a sticky wicket ain’t it?

          • C. dog e. doG

            Tis true, tis true, a real catch .22
            – C. dog

    • nhsteve

      …and now the gas tax.. (potentially)

      – Dave Campbell, Putting the progress in progressive

  • Tim from Nashua

    Cue the Admiral Akbar “It’s a trap!” video

  • Tax our gas that we need to get to work.
    Democrats spend the money on something other than roads and bridges. Taking our money to build up democrats social programs/democrats reelection security.
    Vote the democrat bums out in 2014.

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