Guest Post by NH State Rep. Jane Cormier – “ICLEI is ICKY!”

by Skip


Okay, if you haven’t heard anything about the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) also known as Agenda 21, then you may have been living in a cave. ICLEI is a United Nations sponsored organization (that should tell us something right there) which helps promote “sustainability, climate protection, and clean energy initiative for towns, cities, and counties”. ICLEI supports (usually with GIANT federal tentacles) local governments by providing technical assistance and training opportunities to communities seeking its services. Sounds good doesn’t it? Actually, ICLEI is a lobbying and policy group that is designed to influence and change local governmental policies related to all aspects of human life. ICLEI/Agenda 21 is dedicated to changing the ideal of our inalienable rights which include life, liberty, and property. How does this happen?

Through legislation of course.

NH has set up regional planning commissions, which cities and towns are urged to join. Promoting the idea that cities and towns should accept federal (EPA/HUD/DOT) money (does that EVER work out?) to make regional changes in housing, transportation, and water management, these planning commissions can easily “sell” what is “best” for you. Sustainability has become the catch word here. (Whenever you see SUSTAINABILITY, your hackles should rise. “Sustainable Communities”, “NH Water Sustainability Commission”, “SMART Meters” – these are all directly or indirectly part of ICLEI.) This promotion of Agenda 21/ICLEI/Sustainability is all accomplished by imposing new laws and ordinances that bypass YOU, the taxpayers and voters. According to Stanley Kurtz, National Review Online, “One approach is to force suburban residents into densely packed cities by blocking development on the outskirts of metropolitan areas…” This effectively takes care of the “unsustainability” of automobiles “polluting our environment”, farmers and ranchers as custodians of our lands (hence, the goal of “re-wilding” of America up to 50%!), meat based diets (cattle grazing is “unsustainable”), and finally the government overtaking our free market system by mandating all “sustainable levels”. What is ICKY about ICLEI is it stands in opposition to what our Founding Fathers and Republic espouses – common good does NOT trump individual liberty in America. This is just one more example of our government believing they know what is best for us. ICKY.

Currently, four municipalities are members of ICLEI – Wolfeboro, Nashua, Keene, and Portsmouth. Now, here is the punch line: our Constitution prohibits states from entering into any compact or agreement with a foreign entity without prior approval of Congress.  The process has clearly been usurped and outrageously so. (But, if you think the Constitution is just a “dead” document, so what?)

On February 6, 2013 our NH State legislature voted to kill HB 144 (by a vote of 211 to 141) which would have prohibited “the state, counties, towns, and cities from implementing programs of expending money for, receiving funding from, or contracting with the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives.” The majority of the house killed this bill and you should check to see how YOUR representative voted. The future of our state is in YOUR hands. There is a plethora of information on the web regarding ICLEI and Agenda 21. Don’t be one of the uneducated few who will leave our “Live Free or Die State” in the hands of a U.N. mandate. Now, THAT is ICKY!

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    This post presupposes a lot. First of all, the Kurtz quote about blocking development outside urban areas is followed up with fear-mongering about and end to farming and eating meat. But this logical leap presupposes that Kurtz’s definition of “development” includes ALL farming. This is comical. There IS such a thing as sustainable agriculture. The localvore movement has really caught on especially here in NH. There are tons of small farmers around producing their own meat and vegetables. There is no proof in this post that this sort of farming will be outlawed.

    Rick Olson – where are you? You’re a hunter. Surely you understand that without wild lands to hunt on – nay, without wild PUBLIC lands for the AVERAGE JOE to hunt on – there will be no hunting. Wild animals live in the wild. Surely you understand that conserving wild land is a good thing. This is apparently what ICLEI is about. Therefore, restricting places that humans can live is a way to ensure that we will have enough wild lands to recreate on.

    • Bubbles

      Independent research can broaden one’s horizons. You really should try it sometime.

      • IWKAGGP

        Independent research is what I did to reach the conclusion I reached. Had I simply read the post and parroted it around to people . . . THAT would NOT have been independent research.

    • Unfilterednews

      KAGGP, if you researched, what is ickys definition SUSTAINABLITY? It is defined though the UN as to protect, preserve,and control for future generations. iwka, that doesn’t mean your generation or the next one either. UN,s obstacles to reach the perfect view of their perfect world is that we have a billion too many human species in the world. ICLEI,s wants to control planning and zoning, but their main goal[excuse], is to move[force] everyone into owner-less cities. They hide behind water run-offs, protect brooks, ponds, lakes, rivers, wetlands, aquifers, watersheds[entire state of NH]. They won,t allow fertilizer, manure, compost, chemical, septic, roof runoff, road run-off, salts exhaust, CO2 breathing near their watersheds[ state of NH]. Think, does the bear shit in the woods, or cattle have to live on a clean concrete slab? I,m glad you guys brought up the violation of federal law, with foreign agreements, I think your going to have to sue, since legislature is in bed with the UN and their sinister money[control].. Kaggp, public land is Ricks land, since he is the public. Check out WildLands Map on google, un already has your country mapped out. Are you living in a No Human Use zone? no, just a un corridor. limited use

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