Data Point – Teenage Jobless Rate vs Minimum Wage increases

by Skip

Teenage Unemployment vs Minimum Wage increases(H/T: AEIdeas)

For years, I have been saying “where are all the traditional teen-age entry level jobs?” with the stereotypical gas station high school attendants example.  Yes, times have changed and the types of jobs of changed.  Yes, there are some teens that have hit it big in the tech field where meritocracy and innovation can propel some to the top in a single step.  On the other hand, what percentage of teens operate at that level?

Obama said that he wants to move the minimum wage to $9 – a “living wage” that can support a family at or above the poverty line.  There’s a couple of problems with this:

  • Why do we allow, since the New Deal, Government to deny us Economic Liberty and Freedom?  If Government can mandate $9 now, why not $15 next year (“we have established what you are – now we are only haggling over the price”)?
  • Why do we let Government continue to “fundamentally transform” the economics of America by Government fiat?  Fascism (the true meaning) is so much Government control over the means of production that actually owning it is no longer needed; that was used in both Italy by Mussolini and in Germany by Hitler (and no breaching of Godwin’s Law here).

  • Look at the yokes of mandating “benefits” that companies must now “give” by Obamacare and now, wages and the hundreds of thousands of pages of regulations that must be obeyed – what is the long term competitiveness when Progressives have effective control over 100% of our economy?

Isn’t this really downshifting costs from Government down to Civil Society by fiat?  Or is it “fine” to do so because they are only “hated capitalists out to rape and pillage YOU” so stick them with the bill?  Make them effectively “owned” by Government without the public realizing it?  Who the heck would want to start a new company under those conditions?  Or is this part and parcel of yet another Cloward-Piven movement?

Back to teens – why is it that Progressives hate teenagers and hate the idea of teenagers working? Wouldn’t they WANT teens (especially black and other minority teens who suffer even higher levels of unemployment) to learn the rudiments of a good work ethic, to learn what the working world needs?  Or is this part of the plan – to keep them dependent on their parents or dependent on Government?  After all, delaying their entry into the workforce at a part time job teaches skills.

Or is this one of those forked-tongue Progressive moments – proclaim “its for the children!” yet deny them the ability to learn to “move forward”?

Or is it “it’s for the children – let’s keep them that way”?

Update: Grokster Mike sent in this chart as well:

Black Teen Unemployment VS Min Wage


Certainly, evidence to show that if the Administration used their “Quota Club” as they do in other areas, should be decrying the minimum wage as being racist as well.



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