Burger King UK Caught Horsing Around With the Beef in Their Burgers

by Steve MacDonald

BK in the UK has horse meat problemAfter denying it for weeks Burger King in the UK has admitted that it did in fact sell burgers tainted with horse meat.  It’s supplier is responsible for the “blend” it seems but BK appears to have found out and handled it badly.

The Horse meat came from Poland, was processed at a plant in Ireland, and found its way into all kinds of burgers and brands in the area, possibly as far back as May of 2012.

The UK Mail reports that the quantities are quite small, ranging around 0.1%  for equine meat; some burgers made by the same processing plant–sold in supermarkets–also included 0.1% worth of pork  as well.

No mad-horse disease to worry about but there is some obvious distrust now.  I can’t imagine what the non meat-itarain crowd is thinking about being “neigh-layed” with tainted meat even in such small quantities? Might explain all that cribbing along the edge of the mahogany head-board.  Some folks could actually be relieved.

And better than eating dog I imagine–anyone know if Obama ever ate horse, we could ask him to compare the two?

And now I can’t get the old Burger King jingle out of my head.  “Have it your neigh, have it your neigh, at Burger King!” Only you were actually having it their ‘neigh’ weren’t you?

Alright,  let’s go mad with the horse jokes shall we?

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  • Chris P. Bacon

    Ah horse jokes. Like the one my wife always tell about me….”Hung like Einstien and smart as a horse”. Curse that woman!!

    • C. dog e. doG

      WTH, do you have a joke involving your wife for every occasion? She sounds very clever, but clearly has an achilles heel.
      – C. dog

      • nhsteve

        clomp one for yes, two for no.

  • allen

    uh oh. pork might have been in the burgers??? londonistan is about to catch fire. someone might even splodeydope all over a BK.

    • nhsteve

      It had occured to me that the ‘king’ might have to move in with Salman Rushdi…even though the BK burgers were not the ones with pork…the ones sold in supermarkets were. (But a Fatwa against BK is way more poetic from a writers point of view.)

      • C. dog e. doG

        So guys, if there’s .1% pork and/or pork byproduct in a burger, and a Fatwaneese eats that burger, when he dies in the line of fire, does all of him but the .1% get the 72 virgins? And which .1%? If it’s my little toe, muh, not so much, but …
        – C. dog all aflummoxed over how to interpret scribblings on cave walls

        • nhsteve

          Maybe they just get “B-Team” “virgins.”

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