Is A Senator Under FBI Investigation for Sleeping with Underaged Prositutes News Worthy?

by Scott Morales

Not if you’re Martha Raddatz of ABC News.

The Daily Caller reported a few days ago that Senator Bob “rob the cradle” Menendez (D-NJ) is being investigated by the FBI for sleeping with underage prostitutes. Now, he’s a Democrat, so naturally his party brethren have no problem with what or who he does in his spare time, but can’t the media at least pretend to be journalists and ask him about it?

Senator Menendez was interviewed this morning on ABC’s This Week by Martha Raddatz and she didn’t mention a word of it. Must’ve slipped her mind; she had her plate full. She did remember to bring up Beyonce’s lip syncing scandal and concussions in football, so naturally there was not enough time for one question to a Senator that is under investigation for committing a crime and who apparently has a,”…habit of paying for sex while outside the United States” according to the Daily Caller report. What’s even more bizarre is that this isn’t a secret. Especially to ABC News because, “..ABC News senior investigative producer Rhonda Schwartz was aware…” of Bob’s habits, “…as early as May 2, 2012”. What a Terrible Failure?!

So as B.O. and his media pimps were peddling the Republican War on Women canard, the Democrats were actively engaged in a very real War on Foreign Girls and the A Biased Channel New’s was silent. This is expected from them of course; after all, ABC News played an integral role in the creation of the War on Women zeitgeist that allowed the Democrats to con the public. Do you remember when little  George Stephanopoulos asked the out of nowhere remark to the Republican primary candidates about outlawing contraception? A topic that none of the candidates brought up, discussed,  or even thought was an idea worthy of discussion. That was the launch. From then on, the canard of War on Women was a political issue that had to be answered and it’s was made up out of whole cloth. Cloth with the ABC News insignia emblazoned on it.

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