Coos County Republican Ineligible For State Committee so….

by Steve MacDonald

Back on December 17th, 2012 we reported here that Republican County Commissioner Tom Brady could not serve on the state committee because he publicly endorsed NH Senate District 1 candidate Jeff Woodburn.

Former foes unite. Republican County Commissoner (sic) Tom Brady backs Woodburn for Senate. Since our tough race 8 years ago, Tom and I have become friends and worked together for the betterment of Coos County.” The Berlin Daily Sun broke the story today after Republican Senatorial nominee listed Brady as a public supporter. “Tom Brady is a respected, bipartisan leader. I value his support and will rely on his advice.”

WMUR reported a few days later that NHGOP Chairman Wayne MacDonald had ruled that the by laws (Article 1, section 4A) prohibit Brady from serving as a voting member of the state committee.

I was just wondering if there were any other examples of this?  We’ve got a few moderate Republicans who frequently support Democrats in one way or another.  Have they done anything to warrant a review under Article 1, section 4A?

Just asking.

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