Ben Shapiro Puts Piers Morgan on The Defensive – Morgan Clueless

by Steve MacDonald

I think we’ve had more than enough coverage on second amendment issues at GraniteGrok of late so I’ve been trying to talk about other things, but I could not let this pass me by.

Ben Shapiro was on with Piers Morgan and Alex Jones he was not.  Shapiro shows us how to properly engage this debate with someone cut from the progressive mold.  He shows us how it should be done.   And where Jones–while fun to watch–probably did damage to the cause, Shaprio comes in as the Ace Closer and retires the side.

Katie Pavlich/

Hot Air

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    Shapiro is a much better foil for Morgan than Alex Jones. He did a great job of making Piers look like what he is – a clueless ass – without sounding like a tinfoil hat wearing, foaming-at-the-mouth nutjob. I wish he’d have Shapiro on more. Then again, after the beating he got from him last night he probably doesn’t dare. It’s much easier for him to try and depict all gun owners as nutjobs if he uses Jones as his debate competitor because of all the crazy stuff he’s said over the years (gold foil covered babies, etc)

    • C. dog e. doG

      Dan the Hunting Man on point, again. Finally, someone (Ben Shapiro) who remembers history within the past century, and knows the primary impetus behind the second amendment was to countervail the ever present threat of governments going rogue … as if Uncle Sammy hasn’t already (BATF, FDA, FCC, DEA, AoA, BLM, COPS, etc., etc., etc.)
      – C. dog

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