Amherst New Hampshire’s Problems…Are there? Problems?

by Steve MacDonald

A few days ago I asked…”what are the Amherst New Hampshire Selectman Hiding.” The Selectman were playing games with 91-a, the Granite State’s right to know law, to hide the abrupt absence of the town administrator.

My good friend Ed Naile (over at NH Insider) spent some quality time with the Amherst meeting minutes and came up with a very likley explanation for the Town Administrator being Houdini’d, after Ed noticed a pattern of adjustments, some excessive overtime pay, and a curious situation involving $150,000.00 dollars and a dump truck.   It could all be legit, and that may well be the case, but observed as scratches on the surface, in conjunction with Town Administrator O’Mara being quietly ushered out a back door—and in particular the obfuscation on the 91-a requests regarding his status as a town employee, why wouldn’t you think “strange things are afoot at the Circle K?”

From Ed’s conclusion.

After the new Town Administrator, Jim O’Mara, figures out what is going on he gets his walking papers from the town? Now that don’t seem right – but it sounds sneaky and underhanded.

You should read Ed’s entire article for the full effect.  It presents an enticing mathematical aroma that suggests the kind of bumbling that inadvertently leads to bigger problems.  Then there’s the silence that hints to us like a whisper on the Amherst wind that someone is trying to get their story straight before it all has to come out.

Or maybe it is nothing.  Wouldn’t that be nice?


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