Univ RI Professor Erik Loonis- Oops, Sorry, He Spells it Loomis

by Steve MacDonald

Erik Loomis Univ RI goes on a twitter rantThere is so much hate and vulgarity spewing from the Twitter account of University or Rhode Island professor Erik Loomis that I am reluctant to post any of it here.  But I have no objection to you going here to see for yourself.

Let me just prepare you.  University professor.  Anti second amendment.  Newtown.  Hate.  Anger.  Vulgarity. Beaten to death. NRA. Wayne La Pierre.  Head on a stick.  etc, etc.

Commenter Jason provided the phone number to the College “Please contact the president of the college here: 401-874-2444.”

It sounds like a lot of people have been calling.  No reason to stop now.

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