Michigan Union Thuggery – Give us what we want or we will hurt you!

by Skip

Union Thug Sucker Punches Steve Crowder

Noted Conservative comedian Steven Crowder (whose videos we have posted here on the ‘Grok) paid a physical price simply for expressing a political  viewpoint.  Grokster Tim posted the video of the union thugs assaulting other peoples’ private property (the AFP tent) and Grokster Steve put up more updates.

This one picture simply confirms what many have said for years – the only tactic that unions can employ against the general public is fear and intimidation – the Rule of the Strong Man.  Sure, they can scream “This is what Democracy looks like” – really, this is how they wish to portray their version of democracy, go for it.

Problem is this  (via Instapundit):

“Question No One Is Asking: Will Obama Demand Union Members Behave Peacefully, Or Will He Bless Their Violence With Silence?”


White House Refuses To Condemn Union Violence In Michigan.

Sometimes, revenge can be served steaming hot (instead of a dish served cold):

CIVILIZATION 1, VIOLENT UNION THUGS 0: Mich. governor signs anti-union bills after protests.

And Dana Loesch of DanaLoeschRadio.com and Breitbart has started a reward fund to take down that “lack of self-restraint” (but of course – an angry Leftist that can’t control himself even with cameras on him – fool).  They have raised over $7,000 thus far.  Will a “union brother” sell him out – or his mother?

That sucker punch:

Someone on an email list I belong to said:

I couldn’t believe how crowder just cowered.


He already has said that if he had swung back, the unionista crowd would have probably killed him.  I’ve met him – nice guy, funny guy, but while in real good shape, he’s a serious guy and thinks hard about stuff.  He played chess, went a couple of moves out, and decided he didn’t want to get checkmated.

I’ve watch some of the videos – those union thugs were just ITCHING for any kind of reason to blow up.  Steve Crowder did the right thing and decided to not become that flashpoint spark.

Further lines from the Right Blogosphere:

On the Democratic side, Rep. Paul Clemente, a Democrat from the Detroit suburb of Lincoln Park, Mich., lamented the partisanship: “What we’ve lost today is moderation.”

Some moderation – only 5 curled fingers and not 10?

More violence near the tent:

But wait!  There’s more!

And more:

“They had knives,” AFP’s Annie Patnaude told The Washington Examiner. “They cut all of the ties (holding the tent up) and then they started slashing the tent itself… I remember them saying, ‘We’re going to destroy these people.’”

More stuff over at Michelle Malkin’s

Breitbart has some TEA Party folks trying to stand up against the thugs:

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