Jennifer Horn – Is She Wishing She was “Someone Else?” (Updated and Bumped)

by Steve MacDonald

Well, ain’t this sweet?

NH Journal, you remember them, Shawn Millerick, Pat Hynes…they specialize in political fiction.  Well, I guess they had a poll asking who should be the next Chair of the NHGOP.

The NH Journal Poll has the following results:

Who should be the next Chair of the NHGOP?
Andrew Hemingway (59%)
Someone else (21%)
Jennifer Horn (20%)

So does the Candidate NH Journal and the Establishment GOP are pimping for, Jennifer Horn, wish she was “someone else” about now?  At least that way she’d be in second place in the race for Chairman instead of last.

I picked this up from Andrew’s Facebook page, by the way.  He posted it with a link to the Paul Wescott show on which Amelia Chasse, from NH Journal, is said to have remarked…

“Out of nowhere this kind of groundswell of support for Hemingway,” said Amelia Chasse.

I didn’t listen to it, did she happen to say ‘Unexpectedly?’  That’s typically what the media mouthpieces of entrenched politicos say when things like this happen.

What about “Someone Else?”  They appear to have literally come from nowhere to charge ahead of Horn as well.  Nothing?

OK. It’s not exactly scientific, but it is hilarious.   And what will the Establishment and their pet media outlet do now?  Fake another meeting or fake a new poll that has more favorable results?

We’ll have to wait and see.

 Update:  The NHJournal Poll is…evolving.

The new results are as follows.


Who should be the next Chair of the NHGOP

  • Andrew Hemingway (55%)
  • Jennifer Horn (26%)
  • Someone else (19%)

I was not able to cast my vote.  Not sure why.   Did they close the poll after Jen got out of last place? Horn’s Facebook page does have a link from two hours ago asking people to go vote –about 8 hours after it was covered on WGIR this morning.

Or did NHJ create some more political fiction?

We really have no way to tell do we?



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