And so the “caving in” begins over Sandy Hook and Political Correctness and lack of a backbone

Cheaper Than Dirt LogoFirst it was private equity house,Cerebus, unloading its Bushmaster gun company – I merely noticed it knowing that the California Teachers Retirement fund was vested in Cerebus and therefore, a part owner in Bushmaster.  Such a PR faux pas was not going to last long – and it didn’t as it is now set for “divestiture”.  Then Dick’s, a major sporting goods retailer, decided to pull all of its “black rifle” inventory off the shelves nationwide after the news came out that kiddie murderer Adam Lanza had tried to purchase a rifle there (which failed as Dick’s personnel followed the law, started to do the background check, and Lanza didn’t complete the transaction when the seller behind the counter told him there was a 3 day wait via CT law).  What they should have done is spotlight the employee AND themselves for doing the right things according to the Law.

Well, I needed a few things, so before work this morning, I went to Cheaper Than Dirt, an internet retailer of firearms and lots of other stuff, to buy them.  I’ve used them in the recent past, bought quite a bit of stuff, and their shipping and accuracy was spot on.  Well, imagine my surprise to what I found and the email I dashed off to them:

Good morning,

 I went to your site this morning to order more supplies from your company and found this at the top of the page:

Cheaper Than Dirt - Not Selling Firearms

I wish to know how long this temporary suspension will last? I also wish to know, in a return email, if you decide to no longer sell firearms.

In the meantime, I will put into place my own “temporary suspension” of purchasing from your firm – with the likelihood of it becoming permanent if you make the decision to demonstrate that you do not have the backbone to stand up to Political Correctness pressure and arguments. After all, if you cannot stand up for our community, why should we stand up for you?

– Skip

 It seems that the Company, sorta like that online back up company Carbonite that decided to diss Rush Limbaugh over the Sandra “slut” Fluke brouhaha, has created a HUGE PR Disaster for itself with existing customers.  It’s Facebook page has THOUSANDS of comment of angry customers.  I dunno if they are a private company or publicly traded, but if the latter, I’m going to start watching their stock tank over the next few days…

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  • Tim from Nashua

    Like the Anti-2nd Amendment folks would shop at ‘Cheaper Than Dirt’ because of this…. Sheesh, talk about shooting yourselves in the foot!

    • Tim from Nashua

      Long-range investors should consider Bushmaster as a sound investment. Buy low, sell high.

  • Today at Londonderry Fish & Game Club I was interviewed by Emily Morgan of ITN, Wales and West of London Correspondent… Cute questions she asked me, “Why do you ‘love’ guns? My answer: “Love is a misplaced word…nobody reasonably emotes over amalgams of steel, polymer and iron…I love my family and enjoy my guns…we do not talk about guns as if they are living breathing things….

    Interestingly enough we were the lone voices…Penny Dean…me and Steve Cox and a few guys from Pelham Fish and Game who came along…having the balls to stand up and embrace, not apologize for the American Gun Culture while most about us hid like rats in holes, remaining silence like cowards.

    We are legal gun owners…We did nothing wrong…We didn’t cause the Newtown Massacre, however, our sadness and animosity toward the incident in not misplaced. Many of us have children or grandchildren around the age of those children that died. We looked at their pictures and felt empathy for the loss…just like anybody else.

    But we did not misplace our responsibility. As I stated in A Common Thread, all the most stringent gun laws do not prevent massacres like this.