Common Sense Resistance?

by Tim Condon

We’re all reeling from what has just happened in America two days ago. It appears to signify a new electoral paradigm. For the rest of us, the question is how to deal with it. Late on the night of the election, an obviously exhausted and agitated Bill Whittle of PJMedia spent nearly an hour and a half of unedited reflection, laying out a radical plan for going forward. An hour and a half is a long time to watch a single, unedited video. I watched it all. I suggest you do so also. I do not necessarily  endorse what Whittle is proposing, and—as is often the case—the comments after the video strike as many sparks—and sometimes fire—as the video itself. I strongly suggest you watch it all, as I did. Then think about our options.

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  • Charles de Nashua

    I watched it myself and found one flaw: government intervention. If we continue to feed the monster by paying taxes, the monster will pass legislation to prevent our method(s) of circumvention from succeeding.

  • I watched the entire thing as well and thought the plan was both simple and ingenious. I agree that government intervention could be a problem,but as my Mama used to say,”cross that river when you come to it.” If there’s one thing about conservatives it’s that we’re a resourceful and resilient people. So my question is…where do we start? I’m reading a lot of blogs saying,”this is a good idea”, and getting the idea out there. Let’s start brainstorming about how to put these ideas to use in a practical way.

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