The Obama Campaign Cat Burgler Pays Another Visit To New Hampshire Tax Payers

by Steve MacDonald

Obama campaign steals local tax dollars to pay for campaign visitsAmericans for Prosperity has some details about the cost to local towns of the most recent incursion of the Obama campaign.  Candidate Obama visited New Hampshire—in the capacity of a candidate–to reinfect the local Obama Zombie population with a fresh batch of socialist Rage Virus.  Wouldn’t want them to lose that lovin’ hope-changey, “beat Republicans with a bat,” kind of union thugocracy feeling.

As with previous candidate visits, local towns have been forced to cover any extra costs resulting from the candidates court passing through their local municipalities, even when anonymous donors rise up from the Zombie herd to make an unofficial campaign donation to cover the costs.  So how much did it cost this time around (seeing as there are no anonymous donors this time around)?

This pass ran up an estimated cumulative tab of over $13,000.00 dollars ( a magic number for Obama visits), money that is not planned for in town budgets, but which will have to come out of local taxpayers pockets…for the cost of a candidates campaign visit.

I don’t care who you are, or what party you are in, whether you are a president or running for dog catcher, you and your campaign are responsible for paying the costs incurred by that campaign, including security, traffic control, and the availability of emergency personnel that presents costs in excess of a typical days business, when required.

Mr. Obama’s campaign should be paying for all the costs the candidate incurs as a result of his campaign travels including using Air Force one or any perk of his office–for campaign activities.  Otherwise he (or any president) has an unfair advantage by being able to use taxpayer money to pay for chunks of  a candidates re-election campaign.

Secret service costs for the president would not be part of the campaign…we all agree that this protection is 24/7/365 no matter where he goes, though the campaign should be required to reimburse the taxpayers for room and board (and hookers and booze) for Secret Service Personnel on campaign stops.

So Mr. Obama.  Stop expecting local towns and cities to pay your campaign expenses.  It’s crass, but certainly not beneath you or your inner circle of Chicago cheapskates.

And to the local New Hampshire towns getting screwed over?  As I suggested here…send that bill right to Chairman Ray Buckley at State Democrat party headquarters.  And then make sure to send out regular press releases every month he has refused to pay for taxpayers unsolicited contributions to the Democrat party machine of which he is both a part and also benefits, whenever His Majesty blows into town.


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