GrokTV Special Interview: Bob Burns (Candidate for NH Exec. Council Dist. 4) – Question 7 – What else does the Council do?

Contracts.  Judges.  Appointments.  The NH Executive Council does that – but we asked Bob Burns what else the Exec. Council does that he thinks needs to be changed?

Question 7:

You’ve mentioned contracts, you’ve mentioned judges / dept. heads; what else does the Council do that has a specific interest in your heart that you would need to monitor or change or…


  • Question 1: Why are you running?
  • Question 2: You have a short list of things that the  Executive Council needs to do or needs not to do?
  • Question 3:  State Govt too big, too small, or just right and if you gain the seat on the Exec. Council, how would you answer that question and what would the Exec. Council be able to do to implement that?
  • Question 4:  But you are voting not on the bills but on the contracts stemming from passed legislation, right?  Can you change the contracts?
  • Question 5: “Hacks” vs “Public Servants” for appointments?
  • Question 6: A comment from Question 5: If you want a friend in DC, get a dog.
by Skip

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