We Just Learned The Proper Way To Cancel Your Carbonite Subscription

by Steve MacDonald

Following my post on David Friend and Carbonite’s likley ties to Media Matters and the lefts AstroTurf factory, I received this comment from Mark in California,

Great article. I just tried to cancel my service to Carbonite and when I told them it was due to the advertising pull on Limbaugh, they said, “too late, your service has been restarted.  If you had told me it was due to a technical error or problem with Carbonite I could cancel your service and offer a refund.”  I asked for a Manager and some guy named Jim got on and played the corporate policy line on me. When I asked who his boss was he told me David Friend.

I cancelled the service back on the 7th of March knowing my subscription was set to run out on 3/18.  Carbonite claims our e chat was not a sufficient request for cancelling service. However after telling me a technical problem would be sufficient, you tend to think this is political more than anything else. I hope their stock slide continues. Thanks for posting the alternative companies to this sham organization.

Emphasis mine.

Carbonite sounds desperate, clinging to their subscribers by all means possible.  Even if it means being as dishonest to their customers as David Friend seems to have been about pulling his advertising off Rush Limbaugh’s radio program.  But there is a lesson learned here.

Carbonite leftist screwing customers based on politics

If you use Carbonite, and are thinking about cancelling, don’t tell them it was because their progressive CEO is part of some astro-turfed outrage orchestrated by Media Matters against Rush Limbaugh, tell them you have had technical problems or…that you no longer even have a computer to back up because you had to sell it to put gas in your car.  You see where I’m going?  Be creative.  Have some fun.

And  may the Free Market turn Carbonite into an abject lesson in failed alliances, with your help.

And hey! Do you have a story like Mark’s?  Know someone who does?   Share it with us so we can continue to expose this fraud for what it is..and more importantly, do to them what the Machine tried to do to Rush.   They probably won’t stop trying to intimidate advertisers so our only defense is to punish them for their politics with our own.  If they can do it so can we.


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  • Oh, and use Amex for such subscriptions: if they fail to honor the cancellation, Amex will take up the matter, an you may well get your money back. Also, if they get a lot of card members in good standing complaining about te same vendor they may well drop the vendor.

  • I was gonna say….you can probably work with any number of credit card companies to stop payment in a way that is not detrimental to your credit.   I assume American Express is just more up front about it?

  • Whasseld

    Thanks for the information.  I too want to fire Carbonite asap!  However, I’m finding it hard to find a replacement that is also not run by left wing ideologues!  For example, I checked on SugarSync and found their CEO to be a leftist.  What we need is an on line backup with conservative owners!  

  • Kathleen

    thanks for the post. I was looking for info on canceling Carbonite, but now that I know it is run by well reasoned people whose political views are correct, I am keeping it.

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