From hoping for a big YAY! to a small "awe sheesh - really?" - Granite Grok

From hoping for a big YAY! to a small “awe sheesh – really?”




We told him: "Go Big or Go Home".  From  $100 Billion to $61 Billion to $38 Billion to $15 Billion to $350 Million – seemingly, the will to start chopping up the Federal Leviathan is evaporating as fast as the numbers are heading downward.



Not sure which has faded quicker: the size of the cuts to the budget deflating with this latest Continuing Resolution or our hopes in seeing our Congressman Frank Guinta stand tall (even if losing the fight) and standing with the other fire-breathers on the principle of "have to stop the deficit spending!".  We told him we had his back if he went Big against the deficit. 

We expected to see his name with those Standing Tall.  He sat down.

You know, I used to do a lot of backpacking in college (many years and many pounds ago).  Worse thing I hated?  Get to the "top" of something only to realize it was just a small plateau and not the destination….and having the the map reader tell us – "oh, it’s just one more to go".

Like he had 10 times before…it gets more than a little tiring.

Sigh….that’s what I keep feeling lately with these CRs…and now, the next plateau?  Now "it’s the budget; you’ll see!"

Time’s running out…in a number of ways…