Shea-Porter’s Anti-Millitary Stand

by Steve MacDonald

Help myself...Blue Hampshire has a nice post about how Carol Seiu-Porter, the daughter of a WWII vet,  married to a former serviceman, stands up for veterans and the military. (I have synopsized.)

Well if that is true, then the minute she gets back to DC for her lame duck session I expect her to initiate an investigation into why states run by democrats have such a hard time getting absentee ballots out to military personnel in the field, and getting them back and counted in time to matter. This is a problem that has gone on for years without any notice or action by the democrats or their so-called military supporters.

My dad was a WWII vet.  Tom and Tim, both writers here at the Grok served, and Skip has two sons in the service, one currently on active duty in Afghanistan as I type this.  I think we deserve an answer.  I think our servicemen and women deserve more attention on this issue than the time Carol spends making noise about her own re-election. 

If there is one right our soldiers deserve more than any–and certainly more than all her parties pandering socialist tripe about rights that are not rights at all–is the ability to participate in the selection of the civil government whom they are required to obey in the course of their otherwise life threatening duties.

Carol’s not made much of a peep.  Too busy spending our money on her union buddies and growing the other parts of the government.

Well until such time as I see some ‘organizing’ or activism, on the issue of military ballots, something that has evaded her notice for at least four years now, nothing CSP claims to do much matters.  In fact I think she should be relieved of duty.

And I am willing to bet the veterans she claims to support would agree with me.


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