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A coal miner's daughter who can't sing, lover of liberty, enemy of intellectual sloth, admirer of William Barrett Travis,Stonewall Jackson and Michael Valentine Smith, possessor of a Gonzales flag, a little old lady who is armed and wears assault pearls.

All of a sudden the conversation ended

And all of a sudden…

So just now, I get a rather terse phone call from a man who says his name is Brad Cook (The name on the phone came up as Sheehan Phinney). He says he’s the Chairman of the Ballot Law Commission. He asks me if I’m the one who wrote the complaint about Jon Morgan’s residency …

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Democratic David Coursin’s 12-Step Recovery Plan…for recovering YOUR gun

H/T Northwood NH Conservative… **Attention All Law Abiding Gun Owners** Do you want to register your firearms with the government ? Do you want NH Constitutional Carry repealed? Do you want a waiting period on all firearms purchases? Do you want to stop all reciprocity carry agreements between states? Do you want credit card companies …

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Senator Boutin – “Get off my lawn!”

BUMPED: from 11/20/13 – Regardless of Boutin’s word, it is clear that he voted to bring Obama’s Medicaid Expansion into New Hampshire willingly and knowingly.  He increased the size and cost of Government, contra the NH GOP Platform.  He voted with the State Senate Leadership over Republican Principles. His financial slight of hand did not …

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Says the guy wearing a $9,000 Rolex.

“Connoisseurs looking at his social media will recognize the watch as the Rolex GMT Master-II. The choice of fighter pilots and frat boys with large trust funds, it makes a statement but not the kind a progressive politician might want to make. ” Virtue Signaling. Hypocrite.  Democrat.

Notable Quote – John Yatczyshyn

“I’m amazed at how you can change a man into a woman or woman into a man successfully but Democrats go ballistic when one even suggests changing people from Gay to straight. Does anyone see the hypocrisy and control here?“ – John Yatczyshyn