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Monday Memes

NOTE: This is a big collection.  Next time, if I have this many, I’ll split it up but I’m pressed for time now.

Rise Up New Hampshire cropped and framed

RiseUpNH: Independence Day!

Happy 4th! I hope we can all celebrate the vision and bravery it took for people to rise up to create the US of A. Recall the sacrifices of many of the Declaration signatories, and the continual efforts through the years to keep and strengthen our country through assaults from both inside and out.

State of Connecticut logo

Navigating The Territory: The Connecticut Restart

As Connecticut employers enter this challenging phase of restarting work and reopening workplaces, many owners are looking for insights. It’s important to keep exploring and refining our approaches to find the best options for health, safety, and sensitivity. Pandemic Laws Are Changing Rapidly Employers are working tirelessly to stay up to date with the lightning-fast …

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This is interesting: The history of smallpox vaccinations

Did you know that during the Revolutionary War, General George Washington required all his troops to be inoculated for smallpox? I didn’t. The process was different from the vaccines all of us old people received in our youth; it was an inoculation that was referred to at the time as…