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Is it Better Than Sharing Your Name With a Hedge?

I’m not sure why but people like to name things “Steve.” The default character in the game Minecraft is Steve. The hedge in the movie Over the Hedge is Named Steve. “It’s a pretty name.”   And now there’s a unique aurora named Steve.

April 27th GrokTALK! Skip and Steve open the Program…

This week on GrokTALK! before our guests arrive Skip and Steve talk about Bill O’Brien, making State government smaller, a local New Hampshire case where despite stand your ground a Democrat county attorney still pressed charges, second amendment rights, contracts, the government messing up prescription drugs, what happens when you are late for your guest …

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Listen to GrokTALK! on AC Nation Radio – Tonight!

Starting tonight, at 7pm Eastern Standard Time, AC Nation Radio will carry GrokTALK! every Tuesday evening.  This is a weekly re-broadcast of our entire pre-recorded podcast for the AC Nation audience. AC Nation Media hosts a growing line-up of conservative talk programming which currently includes GrokTALK!. The Mayflower Brothers, On the Edge with Allen Poteshman, …

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An All New GrokTALK!

Welcome back GrokTALK! This week we talk to Activist Kevin Bloom about both the nano-brewery and Industrial Hemp bills working their way through the New Hampshire Legislature. We sit down with former State Senator Gary Lambert to discuss the GOP Autopsy report. And Ellen Kolb joins us to talk about Life, Religious Liberty and the …

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Busy Day…

Just a shout out to the busy day.  I am having one, and will not be available to post until perhaps this evening. As you were.    

Lets Call It Steve

I was compiling some audio clips for this and that, and came across this (as opposed to that.) It’s from the movie “Over the Hedge,” when our hearty woodland creatures encounter that giant, mysterious Hedge.  I edited it down so it is only a few seconds long, but let me assure you in advance, Steve …

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GrokTalk! Saturday August 13, 2011

Grok Talk Goes mobile as we broadcast live from the Draft in Concord NH. They join us a GrokTV special event as we participate in Representative Dan Itse’s Class on the New Hampshire Constitution.