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Is The Teenage Mother’s Life Really at Risk?

In the 20th century, deaths from complications of pregnancy have dropped from 850 per 100,000 pregnancies in 1900 all the way down to 7.5. That’s quite impressive. What has to annoy liberals is that most of that improvement occurred by 1982 and without unlimited access to “life saving abortions,” and without the state or federal pro-abortion democrats hindering parental consent before they were performed on minors.

A Funding “Solution” For Democrats Concerned about Budget Cuts

Remember all that stuff we didn’t have to have in the New Hampshire budget before 2006 when the democrats started piling it up into what has become our Billion dollar budget deficit? I don’t either. I’m not even sure what they spent it on which is why I am convinced I can do without it. All this caterwauling is clearly just cover for keeping the bloated bureaucracy alive so they can milk it for union campaign contributions.

Which Is Worse Or Is It Both?

It should come as no surprise to anyone that a guy (Mr. Obama) who sat in a church for years and years and insists he didn’t hear anything that he didn’t (presumably) want to hear, would be any different towards the American people?