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RightOnline 2012 Loaded

The first day at RightOnline has been great.  I was able to connect with Groksters Rick Olson, and Don Ewing, and I saw Tim Condon twice, though I’m not positive he’s actually here.  (There are enough folks here that I could easily miss him all weekend.)  And Jeff Chidester is around here somewhere. Last night …

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Veepstakes: Conservatives (Still) Prefer Palin

Conservative HQ ran a series of Polls over the last few weeks asking the question: “If Mitt Romney Picked X for Veep, would your reaction be?…..” Favorable:  “Would make me more likely to work and vote for the Republican ticket.” Neutral: “Would not change my likelihood of working and voting for the Republican ticket.” Unfavorable: …

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Pam Tucker: New Hampshire’s answer to Sarah Palin?

In one week the New Hampshire Republican Party will hold its annual meeting. At that meeting the members of the Republican State Committee will vote on various matters, including the election of two members to the Republican National Committee (RNC) from New Hampshire. The winners of the two elections—one man and one woman—will sit on …

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Palin Rocks CPAC

No one speaks to the base like Sarah Palin does, so I’ll stop typing and let her start talking.  

Why I wish Sarah Palin was running for President

Because Sarah Palin "gets it" with regard to the underlying problem our country and culture faces today: "It’s the political/government/ruling classes, stupid!" Look at it this way: Under socialism the government controls everything, okay? (The ruling classes deny it, but only the stupid, lazy, and historically uninformed believe that whopper.) But people who oppose the government controlling …

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This is what we are dealing with. Take note of it.

This person is no different from many self-righteous leftist Democrats I have known. As you can see, he is suffused with hatred, and not at all hesitant about displaying it in public. Ultimately, this type of person must be dealt with and defended against, one way or another.

Palin for President (?)

It seems obvious that Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is going to announce her intention to run for the Republican nomination on September third, the three year anniversary of her accepting the nomination for Vice President. The pundits are lining up in agreement.

While Everyone is Pissed Off at Rick Perry

Romney is not the presumptive winner, not because of Rick Perry, but because most Republicans really are still looking for a candidate they can get behind and Perry is the best high-profile “not Romney” candidate to come forward.