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PSA – Spending Caps and The Rooms and Meals Tax

New Hampshire’s Republican Majority has done some decent work on lowering taxes in this year’s session. Two of the measures they are promoting including returning more rooms and meals (sales) tax revenue to cities and towns. Another is a spending cap bill.

It’s A Trap

  The idea of the variable rooms and meals tax for towns is a trap set by the democrat majority legislature.  I mentioned it here but let me reiterate how it works for those who may not have noticed or guessed for themselves. Democrat run State government, in its quest for a broad based tax, spends …

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Wheel Of Misfortune

I’ve got mixed emotions about the variable rooms and meals tax (R&M).  On one hand it is the microcosm of federalism.  Every town would be the master of its own demise.  Durham would be like New York State, Keene might be like Michigan.  On the other, starting at 9% is way too high to begin …

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