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Cap and Trade


RGGI’s proponents claimed it would be good for the environment, which was only true if the “environment” was one littered with taxpayer financed slush funds whose purposes were as ephemeral as the lefts idea of rights or justice. And Carbon trading to reduce emissions was already a well known lie that ten years of cap and trade in Europe had already proved demonstrably false.

Obama and Jobs

President Obama says he is focusing on jobs.  Is that good or bad?  In 2009 and 2010 he said he would “focus like a laser” on jobs.  Yet we suffer from the longest high unemployment since the great depression with no end in sight.   

No Lessons Learned

Representative Shea-Porter, when given a simple solution invariably chooses the more complex one because it does a better job of hiding the true costs and intentions of any given legislative endeavor.  Insurance reform is the fine example, but a more obvious choice is Cap and Trade.  A basic sin-tax on carbon, like those on tobacco, would …

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