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Your State Senate is Doing The Governor’s Bidding

Word on the street is that the Senate thinks Gov. Chris Sununu did nothing wrong by acting like a king for the past year, and they aren’t willing to cross him, especially because he’s “in the same party” and “so very popular.” (Insert negative exclamation!)


What the Heck Happened In Windham’s November Election? – Part 3

The voting machines in Windham have come under scrutiny – and rightly so. The debacle in Windham regarding the discrepancy of nearly 10% in the votes for the State Rep. race between the November 3rd machine counted results, and the November 12th hand recount is disturbing. People in Windham are upset and want answers. This …

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Getting Desperate?

This is interesting.  After reading comments in various groups the consensus seems to be that it is clearly an issues ad but that it smells distinctly of left wing attack-tics.   Watch it, and compare it to this, and see if you think Mr. Giuda is stretching the facts and does it make him appear desperate? …

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Why Not Bob Giuda?

As one of the leaders of the NHRCV I played a part along with our tireless leader Kevin McHugh when our membership voted to endorse Jennifer Horn late last year.  We here at the Grok have endorsed Jennifer and yes I had a hand in that as well.  And since then a few libertarians–Bob Giuda’s …

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