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Nickel And Dimed Is Out

Once you get past the misleading headline from this morning’s Union Leader, ‘Nickel and Dimed’ Banned in Bedford, (it was not banned form Bedford, it was removed from the public school finance class curriculum) you will find that while the book is out, some of the stupidity remains.

Whose Jounal Is It?

This weeks Merrimack Journal was actually the Bedford Journal. They called it the ‘New Years’ Journal, but with a few minor exceptions, everyting in it was about Bedford. The letters to the editor were from Bedford. The news and sports…Bedford.

How About Some Irony?

The Bedford school board has announced staff and program cuts to address problems with the next school budget. They are looking to trim $750,000.00 off the bottom line, $200,000.00 of which–it has been proposed–will come from eliminating full time teaching positions.

Revisiting Censorship In the Wake Of “Nickel And Dimed..”

Most claims of censorship tend to focus on the presumption that any particular limitation violates our constitutional right to free speech. This is of course entirely the fault of the ACLU which has fought to expand the umbrella of what is meant by “free speech” to things that have nothing whatsoever to do with protecting the right to publicly object to the acts or interests of government without fear of oppression