Windham High School Coach Targets Student Over Father's Political Views? - Granite Grok

Windham High School Coach Targets Student Over Father’s Political Views?


The Windham, NH government is filled with arrogant elitists who have no shame. They refer to residents as “irrelevant” and abuse the trust and authority that We, the People have empowered them with.

When questioned and held accountable for their abuses, their retribution is harsh and swift – and it comes from all levels of Windham government – with the full force of law.

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But some residents like Tom Murray are not easily deterred.  In those circumstances, the innocent children of those brave parents are used as political pawns to punish them – and to simultaneously intimidate others to remain silent… or else they too will be targeted. It’s been an effective strategy, but not with Murray and a growing number of others like him.  It is time for more people to step out of their comfort zone and take back their government.

The latest unconscionable abuse was wielded by the Windham High School Soccer coach against Mr. Murray’s daughter.

Murray believes this latest retribution is tied to his recent involvement with exposing abusive decisions by the head of the Community Development Department – which led to months of delays and added over $48,000 in costs to the permitting process for a tent at a local church – while four other organizations in town literally got a free pass.

Murray believes the abusive attacks against himself and two of his children are due to his political position; to hold government officials accountable.  He refuses to back down – and continues to take the high road, as does his daughter.  The following was taken from his recent Facebook post…

This year is Reagan’s last varsity soccer season. The selection of team captains is suppose to be a decision selected by the players. In my mind it was the easiest decision to make. The four senior players that have been playing soccer together since they were kids. A fairy tale ending of their soccer journey together that they have all been looking forward to since they were kids.

The four of them were all pivotal players on and off the field, winning their Middle School State Championship, and bringing Windham High School to their first ever State Championship game last year.

So why did WHS coach Matt Bryant overrule the decision of the team and leave two of them out?

I couldn’t be more proud of Reagan’s response to her coach. This is what real leadership looks like. Here is what she said to her teammates on the bus to the first game in front of her coach.

“Hi everyone thanks for gathering around I just have a few things that I wanted to say before the game today.

First I’d like to ask if everyone is okay with it a quick show of hands as to who voted for me the other day for a captain position. It’s totally okay if you didn’t, there are no hard feelings – I’m just curious. (100% of her teammates raised their hand)

Okay well first of all I want to say thanks to everyone who voted. I truly appreciate it and I’m honored if you feel that I’m qualified to be a captain.

However you are all here because as you know today, coach announced captains and I will not be one of your captains this year.

He pulled me aside yesterday to tell me I was a great player and a good leader but went on to say how I’m not a role model nor make good decisions off the field and took his unfounded personal opinions of who I am and decided I was not fit for a captain role.

I was extremely upset, discouraged and hurt to know that my own coach misrepresented me. He misjudged a book by its cover and does not value me as a player nor as a person.

I’m not going to lie. I did not want to continue the rest of the season. Not because I didn’t get the position but because it hurt to know he imposed his personal views and feelings despite how the team voted. I feel as though I am being punished by him for his false, personal views.

Although I was discouraged at first and didn’t want to play, I am here because of all of you, my team and also for myself.

I love this sport and have put my heart and soul into playing this game, and no matter how my coach sees me – it doesn’t lessen who I am as a player or as a person.

I want to say how thankful I am to have all of you as my friends and teammates, and knowing that all of you feel I’m qualified to be a captain is all I need to know.

I’m excited and ready to play my last year with all of you and wouldn’t want to do this with any other team.

I look forward to spending every game and practice together getting closer and becoming one big family.


Reagan Murray is a class act.  I will say what she didn’t. Why was the coach on the bus? Why isn’t he – at the very least – being disciplined?

This is the second year in a row that the High School Athletic Department has targeted Reagan Murray – A MINOR – by fabricating MORE serious accusations against her character and integrity. It appears Reagan has more character and integrity than the entire department combined.

It is unconscionable when children are emotionally abused by those entrusted with their education and care. Mr. Murray made it clear to WHS Principal Stephen Sierpina that this abuse has to stop.

This type of tyranny must not go unchecked.  It frightens and keeps other good people from stepping forward when they see abuses of power – which in turn, enables further abuses.  If it is “all about the kids”, then prove it!

Superintendent Rich Langlois and WHS Principal Sierpina are responsible for handling this situation. Last year they gave the Athletic Director a pass… a simple slap on the wrist.  Clearly, the wrong message was sent to his entire department.

It’s time to send a stronger message!