WATCH: Government Integrity Project Chairman Ken Eyring Shares Concerns About NH Assistant AG Anne Edward's Involvement with the "Windham Incident" Forensic Audit - Granite Grok

WATCH: Government Integrity Project Chairman Ken Eyring Shares Concerns About NH Assistant AG Anne Edward’s Involvement with the “Windham Incident” Forensic Audit

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I am the Chairman of the Government Integrity Project (GIP), a recently formed organization that is laser focused on election integrity and holding elected and appointed representatives accountable – regardless of who they are.  I have been intimately involved with demanding a forensic audit on Windham’s voting machines and ballots for many months – to provide answers to the largest unexplained numerical discrepancy in the state of NH between election day vote totals and a subsequent recount.  This issue has garnered worldwide attention and is now referred to as the “Windham Incident“.

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Since the very beginning, the NH Attorney General’s office has ignored performing any meaningful investigation.  That statement is backed up in these Op-Eds by State Senator Bob Giuda (here and here).

It is a sad statement that Senator Giuda had to champion a Bill to compel the AG’s office to perform an investigation they already had the legal authority to perform according to a retired very high ranking judicial official Senator Giuda and I spoke with.

The reluctance by the AG’s office from the beginning has carried over into the forensic audit process, where it appears they are stifling transparency at every opportunity.  What is very concerning, is that the law is clear who should be running the audit process… and it’s not the AG’s office.

The law states,

“The audit process shall be determined by the forensic election audit team.”

To be blunt, the AG’s office should be hands off.  Period.  She has been told that, point blank by Senator Giuda – the sponsor of the Bill.  But Edwards continues to interject the AG’s office and it’s enforcers into the process when Sen. Giuda is not around.

Take a look at this interview I had with WMUR’s Adam Sexton this past Tuesday.  It speaks volumes about the process and lack of transparency.  This is the tip of the iceberg.  I’ll provide more in the upcoming days. (This camera angle of the entire interview was recorded by Chau Kelly, a Patriot Network Reporter.)


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Contact the Governor’s Office and the AG’s office to let them know how you feel.

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