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Listen: Senate Candidate Messner on Healthcare and Shaheen’s Support of Passive Infanticide

Corky Messner came into our studios for the Windham Grok podcast to share his views on (1) ensuring Americans will never need to be concerned about pre-existing conditions when it comes to obtaining healthcare, and (2) his strong opposition of passive infanticide (unlike Shaheen).

Listen here (4:25):


Regarding pre-existing conditions, he called out Shaheen and the Democrat Leadership’s lies across the country that all Republicans want to eliminate protections in healthcare for pre-existing conditions, even though Republicans continue to state their collective support of those protections:

There is an agreement amongst all Republicans that nobody should be denied health insurance because of a pre-existing condition. And what we’re hearing from Jeanne Shaheen and the other Democrats is fear mongering around pre-existing conditions. And it’s misleading what they are saying about pre-existing conditions – and they’re trying to scare people.

Messner pointed out that Democrats continue to falsely fear monger during the Amy Coney Barrett hearings because the Supreme Court will be hearing a case in November.  He said that the court’s decision will not be made until the spring, and in order to protect Americans no matter what the court decides…

I have proposed and what I will do in January when I am the U.S. Senator from New Hampshire… I will propose legislation to provide that health insurance companies must provide health insurance to anyone with a pre-existing condition. So all those with pre-existing conditions will be protected no matter what happens to the ACA.”

Messner called out Jeanne Shaheen’s heinous position against Senate Bill S.311.

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In her last debate against Messner, Shaheen falsely accused Messner wanted to jail doctors who performed abortions – because Messner supported Senate Bill S.311.  In reality, doctors would have only been held accountable if they failed to provide medical care to newborn infants born alive AFTER an attempted abortion.  I asked Messner about Shaheen’s statement,

“She’s lying yet again … lets reset what this law says. And take out of it for a second anything to do with an abortion. If you go to the hospital for a sprained ankle and you’re in the emergency room and you have a heart attack… and the doctor there says, ‘uh… I’m just going to let you die’… did the doctor do something wrong? Absolutely! And that’s all the Born-Alive Act says… that a baby who survives an abortion must receive the same standard of care that any other human being would receive.”

“The vast majority of Americans opposes this passive infanticide.”

Shaheen concluded her fabricated attack of Messner’s support of S.311 by saying the Bill does not represent New Hampshire values.

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Please check out those related links above, and keep all of that in mind on Tuesday when you cast your vote for U.S. Senate. You have a chance to send a message as to where your values, as well as New Hampshire values truly lie.

To learn more about Corky’s campaign:

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 Cell: 603-515-6542