Electoral College

The battle to save our Republic is expanding.  AMERICAN HEROES like thirty-one year Army Veteran and Pennsylvania state Senator Colonel Doug Mastriano (R-33) said Friday on Steve Bannon’s “War Room”, that the PA Republican controlled legislature will seek to reclaim its power to appoint the state’s electors to the Electoral College – DUE TO ELECTION FRAUD!

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Here’s the segment, already cued up to 36:45.


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Senator Mastriano began his comments by referring to the live streamed hearing that was held by the Pennsylvania House Republicans this past Wednesday to investigate election fraud in the November 3rd election.

Who would have known Wednesday would have been so huge.  All it was, was a hearing to lay the facts out there.  Let the witnesses come forth.  And you know, Steve, as you said before… the media should have done this.  They should have found these witnesses if they cared about truth.  You know, it’s funny they only have intellectual curiosity when it advances their political agenda.

Wow, what a compelling case was made! And the people of the nation were just, I think a bit shocked and taken back that there was that much real evidence, and so many witnesses willing to step forward. And that was only the tip of the iceberg.  There’s many, many others that have come forward and sworn affidavits.

So what’s next?  So obviously, joint resolutions saying that we are gonna probably grab back our Constitutional authority in Pennsylvania, and… OK let me lay this out here… So Pennsylvania 1938 the General Assembly in 1938 decided to hand over picking the delegates to basically the Secretary of State – so whoever wins the popular vote in the state, assuming the election is fair, the delegates would naturally go to that person.  Which makes sense if the election is fair. 

But if it’s not fair, will I actually hand that power of selecting delegates to the same person who cheated, in the same party who cheated?  Absolutely not!

And so, thank God we have the federal Constitution that says we’re going to exercise our Constitutional power here.  So we’re going to do a resolution between the House and Senate, hopefully today.  I’ve spent two hours today online trying to coordinate this with my colleagues and there’s a lot of good people working this here.  Senate Resolution, and say we’re going to take our power back, we’re going to seat the electors.  Now obviously we’re going to need the support of the leadership of the House and Senate.  We’re getting there on that.

Bannon interrupted for clarification,

“You’re saying you’re going to get a joint resolution to actually go forward… and the Republicans control the House and Senate… to go forward to basically take the power back from the Secretary of State and put in into the State Legislature to put forward the electors?

And Mastriano responded affirmatively,

“That is exactly what we are going to do.”

“It’s gonna obviously be a struggle, we’re going to hear the palpitations and the outcries of our Governor Wolf and Secretary Boockvar whose resignation should have happened months ago, and she shouldn’t have been confirmed.  But you know what, we have that power and we’re going to take that power back because there’s so much evidence of shenanigans and fraud.  And we can’t stand aside and just watch this unfold around us here.  It’s not about disenfranchising anybody.  It’s making sure that every legal vote counted, and if there’s extensive shenanigans out there it’s up to the General Assembly to step in.  So, we have a fight on our hands… and we’re going to fight… we’re going to take the fight all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court if we have to.

Bannon asked if Republican leadership was behind them, or would they run for cover?  Sen. Mastriano was optimistic,

There’s four leaders, two in the House, two in the Senate and I’m seeing a shift among a couple of them.  So I think momentum is on our side.”

“There’s fifty voices in the Senate.  29 Republican or Independent Caucuses with us.  All we need are sixteen in the Senate to really to influence the leadership.  And I think we’re pretty darn close to having sixteen, seventeen Senators… and I think there’s at least half of the House as well on the Republican side moving forward.”

“Doing the right thing eventually catches on.”

Bannon asked if there would be a series of hearings that would take place with Democrat and Republican state legislators in both houses and both parties.  Sen. Mastriano reaffirmed,

“We’re going to take responsibility of the Electors.  We’re going to of course, void the certification because we can’t certify an election result that appears to be corrupted.

Then Bannon asked a very insightful question regarding what would happen if Democrat Governor Wolf did not support the joint resolution.

Could you do it by resolution that the Governor didn’t have to sign or does the Governor have to sign it and then you’d have to overcome that like a veto?

Mastriano explained the Pennsylvania General Assembly would not require approval of the Governor,

“For a Senate Bill and a House Bill [it] does have to go to the Governor.  So that’s why this is going to be a resolution.  It does not require his signature.  And so we do have the authority to suspend law in the General Assembly.  Now it’s something that you’d only do in the extreme. I don’t know any case we’ve done that – but in our State Constitution we can suspend aspects of the law in an extreme case.  So we have the power to do that.