SAU16 and Seacoast BLM: Could This Be Any More Obvious? - Granite Grok

SAU16 and Seacoast BLM: Could This Be Any More Obvious?

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There was a good showing at the very first DEIJ public training session on August 19th. Oh, wait: it’s DEI-J. Do I get a timeout for that? Anyhoo…

Kevin Pajaro-Marinez was introduced as one of the members of the panel. He’s the assistant director of equity and inclusion at Philip’s Exeter Academy (PEA). This man and his employer, PEA, have no authority in SAU16. Neither does their director of equity and inclusion, Stephanie Bramlett nor does PEA coach Toyim Augustus, “facilitator” of the SAU16 DEI-J team. All three just happen to be board members of Seacoast BLM. Nothing to see here, folks…

As we officially learned last night, however, the SAU16 DEI-J team has partnered with PEA as well as NH Listens and The Racial Unity Team. There was no mention, however, of SAU 16 partnering with Seacoast BLM. Funny that, since Andres Mejias, also a Seacoast BLM board member, is SAU 16’s new DEI-J Thought Police Chief. And while we’re on the subject, Ken Mendis was the panel member for the Racial Unity Team. He sits on their board with the Superintendent and Tanisha Johnson, co-founder and board member of Seacoast BLM. 

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To summarize, we have three Seacoast BLM board members directly connected to SAU16 through PEA, a fourth BLM board member employed by SAU 16 and connected through NH Listens, and a fifth BLM board member connected to SAU 16 through The Racial Unity Team. I know, I know, I’m nothing but a racist conspiracy theorist, right? 

Well known for their anti-white, anti-police positions, as well as an admittedly Marxist agenda, BLM is extremely controversial and has no place in SAU16.  This is a  grave disservice to our children and of all the sleight of hands surrounding this SAU16/DEI-J fraud, none is more egregious than this blatant partnership with BLM. 

Kevin Pajaro-Marinez wasn’t even listed on Seacoast BLM’s board 17 days ago, which was the last time I looked, but now he happens to be their “DEIJ training leader” and sat on the stage at Exeter High School lecturing us tax-paying rubes. There are no such things as coincidences: Seacoast BLM demands annual school staff training from a “recognized Seacoast BLM trainer”. It’s right on their website. 

No wonder the Superintendent just sat there while NH Listens moderator E Michelle Holt-Shannon threatened to call the police on anyone who dared to speak up against this madness. That doesn’t seem very ‘inclusive’ to me but I guess it’s a lot easier to push this on our children when they don’t have to answer to We The People.

By the way: where was Toyim Augustus?