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I’m in a Hulu Documentary Fighting for Women’s Sex-Based Rights

In 2018, Gov. Chris Sununu signed HB1319, the “Bathroom Bill” into law, It forces New Hampshire businesses to allow men who identify as women to use their women’s restrooms, changing rooms, and locker rooms.

A recently released Hulu documentary “Changing the Game,” which promotes allowing men to compete on women’s sports teams, features me giving testimony against HB 1319. The director cut the video of my testimony so as to try to make me look like the bad guy.

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Here is my testimony against HB1319:

Do you trust women to use their own intuition about who is safe to be in a women’s restroom or locker room? Do you respect women’s right to privacy? Do you respect women’s right to protect themselves? I fear that the authors of this bill do not because there is no protection for women in this bill. The bill says that it is OK for a man to use a woman’s restroom or locker room if his identity as a female is sincerely held as part of his core identity and that it shall not be asserted for any improper purpose. However, nowhere in the bill does it say how this would be enforced. If a man wants to go into the women’s locker room at the Nashua Y and watch little girls undress for swim practice or wait until a preteen girl is alone in the locker room so that he can assault her, under such a law he could assume a female identity and enter the locker room and there would be no way to prove that he was doing it for an “improper purpose”.

I worry about the vulnerable women in locker rooms and restrooms, especially the young and the elderly and the sexual abuse and rape victims. Women are partially or completely undressed in these rooms and vulnerable to attacks. I see no way that a man who falsely assumes a female identity could be removed, even if it were completely obvious that he was there under false pretenses. I have asked supporters of this bill many times how women would be protected under such a scenario and no one has answered me yet.

Watch the aftermath of a recent incident at a spa in California where a man entered the women’s area with young girls present and exposed himself. This is what I warned about.


Watch my testimony in the Hulu documentary below: