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The Nashua Republican Party is in Disarray

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There’s a split within the Republican party, which has grown since the appearance of Never Trumpers, many of whom conceal their positions while running for office. So it’s hard to know who’s who anymore.

On Wednesday night, police were called to a Nashua Republican City Committee meeting in order to remove a long-standing party member from the meeting. Committee officers refused to accept his dues and removed him from participating in our group.

Over the last 40 years, this individual has contributed substantially to the local political scene, served on the Board of Aldermen, created a taxpayer group, recalled a mayor, drafted and defended a spending cap, and drafted state legislation to protect that cap, which sadly the courts recently overturned.

He’s honest and doesn’t hide where he stands on issues, including Trump.

So what was his offense? He’s outspoken, persistent, and expressed disapproval of committee leadership — as many of us do from time to time. However, he might be a bit more colorful than most. He recently wrote:

On my weekly radio program … I will be discussing how the Republican City Committee, who used to support fiscally conservative Republicans, has turned into a neo-Nazi organization of racist Trump lovers. The speech titled, “Discussing the Threat of Totalitorianism” must be discussing the Republican City Committee.  I have personally known the Nazis, and for a moment I thought, last evening … , I had attended a gathering of neo-Nazis.

Calling someone a “racist” or a “neo-Nazi” doesn’t make it true. It’s just an opinion, and shouldn’t be a hanging offense. Elected officials, even party leadership, often have to deal with unusual opinions. That’s part of the job description.

This Nashua Republican didn’t threaten anyone, or he would have been arrested. He didn’t trample anyone’s constitutional rights — unlike our incognito Never Trump governor, who has consistently done so for more than a year.

While I disagree with this Republican on many issues, such as Common Core, Trump, and even Covid, I’ve also worked with him to defend our right to petition the city in a lawsuit. He’s knowledgeable and thorough.

Disagreements and disagreeable speech shouldn’t result in arbitrary bans. If that’s the new normal for the Republican party leadership, they’re no better than the Democrats.

Better to remove a governor who’s actually trampled our liberty, than remove someone with whom we simply disagree.

“Sticks and stone can break my bones, but names will never hurt me.” Actions can be harmful, but words are just moving air.

If there’s to be a split in the party, let’s do it over those who actually trample our liberty, not over those with whom we disagree, or those who insult leadership hoping for change.

If anyone wants to take action, go ahead and impeach the governor, with my blessing. Free speech should be protected.