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A Few Thoughts About the Last GrokMeet!


I ventured into the wilds and attended the Rochester Granite Grok meet-up.  Good time.  I was especially gratified at Skip & Steve specifically mentioning me, and doubly so for actually getting what I’d call a significant amount of applause at that mention.  So, wait, people actually read my stuff?  Kewl!

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But I am glad to have these events – and am trying to find a venue down in the Nashua corridor.  But this begs the question of why such meet-ups are important?


First, of course, it’s nice to put faces to names – even pen names.  I had several great conversations including with a black man who, if I recall, came up from Marxachusetts.  He was warmly welcomed and his presence, and that welcome, gave lie to the “all conservatives are raaaaaacists meme” as did my own welcome even with wearing a kippa.  So much for the anti-Semitic meme as well.  Next time I’ll wear one of these – both bought in Israel:


trump yamukkah


But there’s a deeper issue at stake here, and why these meet-ups are so important.  Yes, we see each other commenting on the Grok, and this interaction is critical.  But one never knows who is behind those posts.  Instead, what we need is to know that we’re not alone.  That there are real people behind the comments and posts and essays and such.




Today’s social media, plus cancel culture, have made our side so scared to speak out that we don’t know our own strength.  Which I suspect is the point.

Happy to know I’m not alone…and to put faces to names.


And, my apologies for the delay in getting this in.  Between work and the munchkins on vacation…