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Meet NH House Candidate Jackie Casey – Nashua Ward 7 (Hills 34)

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My name is Jackie Casey, and I’m running for State Rep, in Nashua Ward 7, Hillsborough District 34, to help keep the free state free.

Born and raised in Arizona, I lived in Washington State and then moved from Oregon in 2003, as the first mover of the Free State Project.

After the 911 tragedy and bursting of the high-tech bubble in the Pacific Northwest, I lost my job in Seattle and moved to Portland, Oregon, to regroup and figure out where I could move to maximize my personal and financial liberty.  While visiting my father in New Hampshire, I decided to attend a meeting of the local libertarians.  It was at this event that I met Elizabeth McKinstry, who made me aware of the Escape to New Hampshire, as it was then called.  I went to the web site, signed up, and moved within months, even before the Condorcet vote, which would identify which state, of the top 10 freest, would be established as the Free State.

Observing the tremendous native support within New Hampshire, I figured that it would win, so I moved in advance of the vote, reasoning that if I was wrong in my prediction, I could always move from New Hampshire to whichever state earned the distinction.

I have enjoyed my time in New Hampshire and am fortunate to have a good job. As challenging and engaging as it is, it will not hinder my motivation to be steadfast and principled in my charter as a New Hampshire State Representative.

For more info, please visit my website,, or join the conversation on my Facebook page, JacquelineCaseyStateRep, or email me at