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Op-Ed: These Are the Reasons I Will Not Be Taking the COVID Shots

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Some local stats: the COVID experimental vaccine began distribution in mid to late December 2020. On Dec 31st, Cheshire County (population 76,000) had had 7 deaths-with-Covid for the 10 months of 2020. In 2021 there have been 25 more deaths with COVID, as of March 31, just three months, with the experimental vaccine program in gear.

The Keene Sentinel reported on three congregant care facilities – each had a vaccine clinic on December 30th. At Court St 12 died in the month following the vaccine clinic. Court Street had about 85 residents. The Winchester facility reportedly had only 1 case during the 10 months of 2020, but an outbreak shortly following its vaccine clinic, The Main Street facility was more complicated, people coming and going, but also had an outbreak shortly following its vaccine clinic.

Please note that the VAERS system lists vaccine injury (and death) but reports more than a week after the injury, and is voluntary. Very few vaccine injuries are actually reported and logged into VAERS.  I couldn’t find any of the 12 deaths above in screening for New Hampshire and a 12/30/20 injection date, see.

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Also, note that there is little available liability or recourse for vaccine injury.

The Nuremberg Code (see Wikipedia) has 10 precepts for medical experimentation on human subjects. The first two are:

ONE: The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential.
TWO: The experiment should be such as to yield fruitful results for the good of society, unprocurable by other methods or means of study, and not random and unnecessary in nature.

We are being bullied by mainstream media to take the shots. I hear it every day on local radio, also from Governor Sununu. This contradicts the first precept which is generally taken to mean informed consent without coercion.

Maybe you didn’t know that by taking the experimental vaccine you were agreeing to be a lab rat in an experiment.

Surely you understand that a vaccine developed in eight months could not have tested its effects even just a few years out.

Maybe you didn’t know that the FDA has not approved them. The FDA has merely given EUA, emergency use authorization, figuring it would do more good than harm.

The FDA did break rule 2 above in that it eliminated alternative therapies that have been successful elsewhere,  making them unprocurable in most states.  See also the Pfizer document especially pages 132 to 135 regarding the absence in testing for pregnant and lactating women and contraceptive guidance; also the catchall exclusions on pages 41 to 45; please also note the word “healthy” in its title.

Lori Shibinette of NH DHHS signed an emergency order on April 3, 2020. This order separated patients, doctors, and pharmacists from life-giving medications. This is a crime. The NH legislature should immediately cancel this order*, cancel the State of Emergency, and relieve Shibinette of her duties. Shibinette’s and the FDA’s actions have violated principle 2 above.

In July 2020 Dr. Harvey Risch wrote this in Newsweek, explaining both the political situation and the life-saving remedy available to COVID patients before they become hospitalized. Other states began stocking the remedies. Then the FDA inhibited their use.

In Texas, it is still legal to effectively treat COVID patients before they are hospitalized. In testimony before a Texas Senate committee, Dr.Peter McCullough explains here. Dr. McCullough believes Texans have acquired 80% herd immunity. He believes, as I do, that natural immunity is superior to what injections can produce. He also believes that 85% of COVID fatalities could have been saved with early effective treatment, the treatment he gives day-to-day in his clinics.

The Keene Sentinel has published my prior letters regarding Toney Baloney (Fauci), Donald Trump, and Joe Biden. I believe these three to be exceptionally venal conmen. There is a risk for anyone in taking their recommendations; they all agree we should be taking the injections. Have you noticed there is no talk about costs, or more importantly future costs? Bill Gates has already said a third injection may be called for. Pharma has told Wall Street that prices will be increasing. There is too much profit in contrived death, war, cigarettes.

When COVID began I sat next to Rabbi Loewenthal at the synagogue. She saw the opportunity that we all would join together to fight COVID. I said, no, it is Amalek. Amalek was the tribe that attacked the Children of Israel as they were escaping Egyptian slavery. Like COVID, Amalek attacked from the rear, the stragglers, the old, the disabled, the infirm, those who had difficulty keeping up (economically, today). Rabbi Loewenthal saw the good side, but I could only see the evil and injustice. That’s why she was Rabbi and I could never be. I hope she is right.

Today, Passover, we celebrate freedom from Egypt. There was a dedication in the square Monday recognizing the initiation of Holocaust remembrance month. As I write, it is interesting that we can use the Nuremberg Code to guide us medically.

I could write much more on the various counter-productive frauds and deceptions (stay-at-home, lockdown, PCR test, Johns Hopkins inflated numbers in 2020, COVID with vs COVID because of, masking the healthy, masking children,…) that have occurred over the prior year. Gerhard Bedding, John-Michael Dumais, Johanna Laurie, and Becky Montrone have already done most of this in letters to the editor. Much more information can be found at RiseupNH.org. The headline of Gerhard’s July letter said it well. “Why are we simply accepting this take?”

Lastly, I would like to leave you with two more videos; Dr. Lee Merritt discusses the fix we are in, war 5.0 here, please pay particular attention to her views on masking children. For a very deep dive into the virome and a hopeful future paradigm to replace our current medical system, see Dr. Zach Bush’s 3-hour video What Happened Last Year here. Dr. Bush’s analysis is different from what we have been force-fed, his risk factors for COVID are attached.

I believe I became part of the herd immunity in the spring of 2020. The number of medical people (like Dr. McCullough) who believe we have already reached a high herd percentage is growing.

I hope this explains why I will not be taking the injections, which, like almost all medical procedures, bear risk. I hope this piece supports those with nagging doubts who feel bullied, by giving them the informed choice to which they are entitled.

For those who have already taken the injections. I apologize that I couldn’t get this out sooner – Dr. McCullough’s testimony made the difference. I believe that you and those around you will be more at risk than me because the injection is experimental in nature. My January letter outlines the disciplines I have been following to stay healthy.


*I learned on April 22, 2021, that Shibinette’s April 3, 2020, Emergency Order had been rescinded on September 1, 2020.

Joseph Mirzoeff
Keene NH
April 3, 2021


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