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Against the Athletes – There Is No Scientific Basis for Vaccinating Those with the Strongest Immunity

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Sports and athletics. This is a major global industry that has defined the course of the planet. Our collective global civilization has championed sports for the past century. These games and pursuits have become predominant leisure activities and interests for billions of people.

2020 and 2021 were largely defined by the Coronavirus Project. This was a globally coordinated effort spearheaded by corporate pharmaceutical companies and international public health institutions to steer public policy for political and financial gain.

The project may or may not be associated with Klaus Schwab’s 4th Industrial Revolution, but it is certainly championed by the WEF and Davos crowd. This is a group of people who overwhelmingly have never been involved in athletics and have little to no consideration for athletic endeavors.

Let’s not be mistaken that the coronavirus project is certainly a moneymaker. It has been successful in generating billions of dollars of profits for a select group of corporations, and generally raising awareness for public health related to influenzas typically referred to as the common cold.

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We should not be blase to the reality that the people that are steering this project are of a certain characteristic and demeanor. They do not have a clear understanding of how the entirety of the global economy works, mostly because certain sectors of the global economy are typically given little attention.

One of these sectors is sports and athletics. This is an industry composed of professional sports leagues and all of the businesses associated with them from grassroots recreational leagues, to athlete- and team-related merchandising, to physical rehabilitation and training professionals, nutritional specialists, clothing and equipment manufacturers, maintenance and grounds crews, marketing, and branding industries, and more.

This industry includes sports teams, local governments that contribute to infrastructure, entire cities composed of fan bases, and it includes each teams’ considerable farm and development system. It also includes the Olympics, which is a major international event contributing to global security, infrastructure development

In the United States and Europe, this industry is massive, generating hundreds of billions of dollars annually. It is confounding that the largely liberal and progressive politicians championing the Coronavirus Project are not aware of the negative impacts on the sports industries, given these individuals’ frequent championing of minority communities.

Sports and athletics in the United States, especially the NFL, MLB, and NBA, are impressive vehicles for wealth transfer from the middle class to minority communities. Ticket sales and merchandising are largely generated from the middle class (the majority ethnicity) and municipal public funding is channeled into supporting franchises facilities and real estate infrastructure.

These three sports in the USA and UEFA leagues in the EU can legitimately claim that their athletes are some of the highest-paid individuals on the planet.

The average professional sports athlete in the USA makes over 60 times the minimum wage and that is typically upwards of USD$250,000 annually. Presumably, this means they can support 60 people with their salary, and the minimum wage allows supporting at least three or four people comfortably.

It is not rare for athletes to financially support their families and contribute generously to community economic relief initiatives.

Why then, are public health officials insisting that everyone, even the fittest, get vaccines?

Athletes exist on a whole separate spectrum of health and wellness from the average citizen. These are people with physical strength, endurance, and fitness. They have incredibly robust bodies and immune systems. Their chances of dying from a coronavirus are virtually zero.

Unfortunately, not only have public health officials refused to acknowledge natural immunity, but athletes themselves have been demure and obedient, refusing to stand up for their very status as prime physical specimens of the human race.

The result has been disastrous.

Daily, it seems, there are news stories of athletes collapsing on the field in practice or in official matches. The cause is clearly cardiovascular in nature, and this follows these athletes taking the vaccines pushed by the corporate pharma clique. This is a disgusting and warped twisting of reality.

These corporate pharma hacks truly have no understanding or conception of athletics. It is entirely possible that none of them have ever competed in team sports. Certainly, the decision-makers, who are all career executives and approach the Coronavirus Project from a political and financial standpoint, likely have not competed in any sports or athletics for years if not decades.

These decision-makers treat sports as a leisure activity to be done on a free weekend. They consider exercise to be a leisure activity composed of walking more than a mile, going for a slow scenic bike ride, or going on a recreational hike with family in a state park.

They are not powerlifters. They probably have never touched a barbell in their life. They likely have never run interval training with the intent to improve their cardiovascular fitness. They probably do not compete in any sports ever and definitely aren’t competing to win when they do any physical activity. They likely don’t even watch sports.

It is dishonorable and disgusting through and through when these corporate pharma professionals attempt to dictate policy for professional and amateur athletes. They have no scientific conceptualization of immunity when it comes to athletes, and if they do, they are decidedly against athletes.

Whether intentional or not, the Coronavirus Project is a war against professional athletes and the professional sports industry. It is a huge mistake to allow this project to continue. There is no scientific basis for vaccinating those with the strongest immunity. It is the height of stupidity.

Stop the Coronavirus Project now. It must be stopped and reviewed. Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, and their ilk at the WEF, WHO, and the other decision-making institutions may at one time have been good leaders, but they are not athletes, either. And they are no longer good leaders. They do not deserve to have anyone following them, and no one is obliged to follow bad leadership. They have no idea of the far-reaching effects of their policies.

Stop the Coronavirus madness.