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DHHS Hearing A Success – We Won the First Battle: Now It’s Time to Win the War

Rebuild NH

Your hard work and time have paid off!  Two days ago we sent you an email about the Department of Health and Human Services rule changes that propose an expansion to the vaccine database and asked you to send in your comments and participate in the hearing.

Between Tuesday night when we sent the alert and Wednesday at lunchtime, we received and printed more than 300 responses that we will hand-deliver to the commissioner. We were amazed that in addition to those emails–given such short notice–about 200 people took time off from work and showed up to testify against these rule changes. (Note: the room could hold only 95… 🙂

Yes, you heard us right, in less than 48 hours, you sent 300 emails and 200 of you took time out of your day to visit the DHHS administration building in Concord to testify against these unnecessary and unconstitutional rule changes.

After we flooded the room with our activists, the bureaucrats in the DHHS Concord office canceled the meeting in sheer bewilderment, not knowing how to handle your outcry against their effort. This is good news! The bureaucrats have committed to rescheduling their rules-hearing, and even more of you can plan to come next time! This is a huge victory!!!

So here are the details, in case you missed it, and the issues we point out are just scratching the surface of the abuses of power associated with the vaccine database and the proposed rules:

  • How can the State guarantee the vaccine database containing our private medical information is secure?
  • How can bureaucrats assert that a medical database that is accessible to many public and private entities complies with our NH Constitution?
    • [Art.] 2-b. [Right of Privacy.] An individual’s right to live free from governmental intrusion in private or personal information is natural, essential, and inherent.
  • Isn’t it a violation of privacy that our private medical information can be shared with numerous private institutions, including colleges and other private schools?
  • How will health officials ensure that the database is compliant with Federal HIPAA laws and rules surrounding Protected Health Information?
  • Why are we allowed an inadequate and difficult to access opt-out procedure when the law ought to prevent inclusion in the database without a patient’s written opt-in request?

Where do we go from here?

DHHS will either withdraw their rules change proposal or they will schedule another hearing that you can attend. Now that we know where to look for DHHS hearing notices, we will make sure to inform you as soon as we know the new hearing date so you can plan to get involved. At the next hearing, we will make sure the public hearing space will accommodate everyone who wants to attend

In the meantime, please make sure your friends are aware of the proposed Vaccine Registry rules changes and why it’s not enough to stop the proposed changes; we need to push back to either completely dismantle the Vaccine Registry database or at a minimum require bureaucrats to secure patient’s opt-in request before allowing the “Bill Gates” of the world access to their every medical injection.

If you have not sent an email to the department to comment on the proposed changes at this time, please send your comments to Allyson.E.Zinno@dhhs.nh.gov and copy treasurer@rebuildnh.com. Copy and paste Allyson.E.Zinno@dhhs.nh.gov into the To field of your email client and copy and paste treasurer@rebuildnh.com into the BCC field. Use the subject: “RE: Opposed to He-P 307.”

Stay tuned for more details and stay vigilant. Those who want to steal our liberties are crouched at the door.