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Vaccination and the New State Religion

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I originally submitted the following letter to my NH legislators in approximately August of 2019, prior to the Covid scenario when they were deliberating whether or not to expand the State vaccination registration.

It was then published in May of 2020 in the Laconia Daily Sun, and in response I had at least one online commentator allege that my opinion was a symptom of poor education.  After watching a recent report from Tucker Carlson, I thought I would seek publication of this letter once again.

May God helps us all.

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Despite our great Nation’s tradition of separating church and state, we are now experiencing the institution of a new state religion, i.e. Applied Science. Applied Science has become the state religion that limits the human experience of the divine to that which can be understood, justified, and explained by the intellect, and by our “intellectual superiors”.

The “god” of this new state religion, Applied Science, is data and intellect. The “devil” of this new state deity is anything that challenges the supremacy of the data intellect god. The church elders of this new state religion are our public officials who preach the “good news of science” and leverage it in their “sermon on the common good” for the purpose of inducing mass hysteria and compliance.

No new state religion would be complete without an inquisition! Our new state religion, Applied Science, is conducting an inquisition with regards to vaccinations. The state religious elders of neighboring states, i.e. Maine, have decided to banish the interests of competing religions with regards to vaccines by removing religious exemption as an option in the administration of vaccines.

Certainly, the next steps will include the elders justifying intrusion into the privacy of individuals and families and marking the non-compliant as heretics; perhaps even as criminals, stripping them of their life, liberty, property, and children. All done in the name of the common good, and of course, justified by scientific data!

Some readers may think, “I like the intellect, so a new state religion based on the intellect, i.e. Applied Science, is agreeable.” After all, it is nice to have something to hold onto as we individually try to understand the Universe. However, intellectual understanding requires information, i.e. being informed.

Some readers may even think, “I like a new state religion which allows me to exercise my intellect in making rational choices.” However, the ability to make rational choices implies being able to give or deny consent. Yet, in the Vaccine Inquisition, both information and consent are being denied. The religion of Applied Science has covered the light of its’ soul, ethics. And even further, the new state religion has become the enemy of its’ own soul, informed consent.

In reality, vaccines are not so much a question of whether or not you “believe” in science; rather, the question is whether or not you believe in ethical science! If you do not understand the importance of informed consent as an ethical cornerstone of Applied Science then please go research Nazi medical torture, and the Tuskegee syphilis experiment. Informed consent should be mandated when it comes to vaccination!

Vaccination itself should NOT be mandated.


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