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Have a Firing Range and Enjoy It? What if it Becomes “Disorderly Conduct” to Use It?


Some may remember the explosion heard around southern NH and northern MA. Someone holding a gender-reveal party wanted to punctuate it! It may have seemed like a good idea at the time, but perhaps there is such a thing as having too good a time.

Mr. Anthony Spinelli combined a legal explosive many gun owners enjoy for recreational purposes Tannerite with blue powder. I imagine excitedly hoping it would be the best gender reveal ever.

Perhaps he thought if 1 lb of Tannerite created a thunderous boom, that more would certainly be better.

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He chose to make it 80 lbs.

Despite picking a safe location where no one was harmed, he got the attention of too many people. The boom was heard for dozens of miles around.

When thousands of angry liberals start calling government officials far too often, those officials overreact and overreact they have. The Kingston Police have arrested Mr. Spinelli for disorderly conduct.

My first quick reaction is he deserves it. My second far better thought-out reaction is if they get away with this against Mr. Spinelli, liberal prosecutors and town governments throughout the state will see it as a path to persecute all gun owners.

Have a firing range and enjoy it? Now it may become disorderly conduct to use it, especially if you use Tannerite and your neighbors complain.

As much as I loathe defending Mr. Spinelli’s foolish choices, we’re going to have to, or they will use it against us.



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