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‘Deep State’ Erodes the Meaning of ‘Live Free or Die’ Motto

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It is our constitutional responsibility to stop Executive Branch agencies from making rules that carry the weight of Law. Our New Hampshire Constitution clearly states,

[Art.] 2. [Legislature. How Constituted.] The Supreme Legislative Power, within this State, shall be bested in the Senate and House of Representatives, each of which shall have a negative on the other. June 2, 1784.

It is worthy to note that “The Supreme Legislative Power” line was capitalized specifically to emphasize that point. Nowhere have I found in our Constitution the power to assign the Power of lawmaking to others.

Surely our founding fathers must have known that a blacksmith, for example, would know how blacksmiths should behave and would be expert in creating laws that the public must abide by when it comes to that facet of life. P

erhaps the tobacconists should have set up rules to tax the product and sale of tobacco and who may or may not grow it as well as how and where they could produce the crop complete with licensing.

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This simply was not the case as it was known then, as it should be known now, that these people will undoubtedly act in their own self-interest and without accountability by way of the ballot box.

As I have talked with people about this issue, I have received mixed responses, yet most agree the current state of rule-making, albeit a blatant abdication of legislative responsibility will most likely not be able to be undone. I get the slight chuckle followed by the ever-popular, “good luck with that” response.

This goes to the apathetic unsaid understanding by most that there is nothing us poor common folk can do to make our government-run properly, despite the knowledge by all including those in a position to fix it.

Well, the simple facts are these. Title LV, Proceedings in special cases. Chapter 541-A Administrative Procedure Act was created, and it can be repealed, or amended. JLCAR came about in 1982.

This state functioned quite well in the preceding 198 years prior to 541-A, and in the last 39 years we have become an administrative state hardly resembling our moniker of “Live Free or Die.”

It is time to stop the ship and steady the course. Unveiling those for whom we have given our sacred trust as to their true nature as either in favor of or devoutly against the creation and maintenance of BIG government. We the people or a nameless faceless bureaucracy.

To return New Hampshire to the Constitutional state it was designed to be is imperative and essential if we are to remain a free people with real representation in our government which we empower and not the Deep State which has commandeered our way of life!

We gave the kids the keys to the car. It’s time to take the keys back!