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NH RNC – An Organization Intent on Denying Due Process to Its Members


Somewhat like the DNC and a sizeable number in the US Legislature, the NH GOP denied my right to vote at the Jan. 23rd online meeting because of their own problems operating an online election. 

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Many of us could not hear, have access, stay connected or otherwise participate.  For the record I’ve not had problems with Zoom before.

Voting was held for officers except the chair and vice-chair.  This disenfranchised those of us who had duly registered beforehand but were unable to participate.

What transpired at the meeting was later deemed a fait accomplis, no do-over.  One wonders, ponders, questions, why.

Admitting guilt, they brainstormed together and have now decided the solution is in-person voting.  Fine.  Except that voting is limited to choosing the chair and vice-chair.  That’s it.  No do-over.  I/we can’t vote for any of the other officers.

I/we had our legal rights to exercise full voting privileges as bona fide members “stolen”.

Election fiddling has reached NH.  Trust has flown the coop and the NH RNC has made a bid to be my laughingstock.