Letter to the Laconia Daily Sun - Do You Do Actual Journalism? - Granite Grok

Letter to the Laconia Daily Sun – Do You Do Actual Journalism?

Laconia Daily Sun

Wow. The Sun is really hitting them out of the park. Or not. The piece on food insecurity (12/1) relates the increased use of food pantries and the influx of groceries to try to meet those needs. It neglects that this is due to the loss of jobs related to the Wuhan flu from the government-ordered shutdowns.

Next up, a hard-hitting piece (12/1) on a subject that’s on everyone’s minds: The pets of the Bidens (as well as other Presidents’ pets). Not only do they have 2 dogs, but they’re bringing a cat as well.

Rounding third base, a piece (12/11) on Governor Sununu who criticized those protesting his mask mandate. Fair enough. What about the accusation from a “medical doctor” that Republican caucus members “are responsible for Speaker Hinch’s death”. I guess that Dr./Rep. Marsh missed the comment that “it was not clear where Hinch caught the virus”. That seems like a factor that should be confirmed.

Heading for home is the tempest in a teapot piece (12/12) about Rep. Dawn Johnson (who is a Republican—not that should make a difference) and her sharing of (not originating) a link to an article that apparently contains an anti-Semitic image. Oh, no! The lede containing her apology then adds the obviously unsubstantiated accusation that she engages in “Neo-Nazi web browsing”. Seriously? What a load of buffalo excrement.

The piece notes that, when informed by friends of the link’s source, she thanked them and then removed it. But we cannot have her be a responsible Republican who might have different views, so Mr. Fisher states that Ms. Johnson supports President Trump and SO DOES THE GUY WHO RUNS the Neo-Nazi website! And she expressed concern over voting irregularities in November’s election (which there clearly were, whether or not they affected the outcome). AND! she expressed doubts about the reporting on the pandemic. The horrors. Coaching on the third baseline is NH Democrat Chair accusing the NH Republican Party is now a place for people to share nasty posts with no accountability.

You know, just for a perspective, I don’t remember any coverage in the Sun on Rep. Rashida Talib’s December support of the destruction of Israel. Not sharing an article with an offensive image, but supporting the deaths of every Jew in Israel. Now that seems like something worth mentioning.

To close, the fear-mongering about COVID needs to be dialed back. Every day, the Sun runs a graph with the number of cases in the region. With over a 99% survival rate, what is really more significant is the number of deaths. The WHO has stated that the shutdowns didn’t help and yet states are reimposing them. The vaccine (when taken voluntarily) may help, but viruses are not bacteria. Viruses are here to stay