The Late Nite Link Dump or the Daily Dose? (It's Massive) - Granite Grok

The Late Nite Link Dump or the Daily Dose? (It’s Massive)

Link Dump - Image Credit Steve MacDonald GraniteGrok

Hat tip again to Laura for this mountain of links, and don’t expect this many in the future.  But we thank her for her ongoing commitment to the cause of enlightenment and this huge pile of links that she calls the Daily Dose.

I think we’ll start calling it that. Link dump has a park bathroom sort of feel to it, and we’d like to at least pretend at some sense of sophistication.

As always, these are presented as-is for your consideration. Their presence is not a validation of the content but an opportunity to read deeper into the side the media and the machine would rather you not.

Some topics we’ve covered, many we’ve brushed up against, a few we’ve simply not had time to explore.

Nuremberg be damned!
Interesting…..if they can now check on us (Thanks Annie!), can we check on them?
Spike protein in vax -weakens immune system, cancer link – Swedish scientists say
And now a word from our sponsors…
How about that weather you guys made….like chemistry class….but way bigger-er!
Huh….enough said.
Does laughing every day keep the globalists at bay?
Caution: British humor
School Daze…
So let me see if I understand this…

Science 101- Batteries hate the cold….and this is just the tip of the iceberg…

“Rebellions are built on hope!”
Omicron, Omicron, where for art thou Omicron
Who remembers this one?  Omicron- A 1999 video game featuring David Bowie……foreshadowing at its best..

This article dovetails with that…
RFK – VAERS Data off the charts and growing…